Random Fans

Niagara Falls :

Bumped into a Ticat/Calgary fan at the pool, today - he had a Ticat T-Shirt on.

The other day, I bumped into a RedBlacks fan - he was wearing the shirt and cap.

Both nice to see - altho neither was what you would describe as a “young person”.

The fan at the pool and I discussed the future of the League. We both agreed that it is better to enjoy the CFL and not to dwell on the League’s ups and down because there has always been an ebb and flow to the Leagues popularity.

That seemed like a smart approach and one I hope to take.

I have been observing the fans when they show them on TV, I commented to my wife that in 20 years there won’t be anyone at the game as 90% of the people seem to be middle aged or older. All the youngsters are NFL fans (like my son in law).

All we can do is enjoy the League and hope for the best long term.

I have wasted too much life worrying about ratings and attendance. It is what it is and if the League can survive the 1990's, it can survive anything. If not, life goes on.

well, although the "olds" hate the folks for doing it, have a walk around the concourse area in THF...especially the west side...

the crowd is mainly folks in their late teen, 20's, and 30's....

i commented to my wife last game that I felt the average age was as young as I've ever seen it...

Agree. The Ticats have a wonderful demographic mix.

Remember that most of the people they show on TV are in the first few rows - pretty expensive seats. How many 20-somethings can afford those prices? But there are all ages in the crowd at the games I've attended.

In 20 years there won't be anyone out in public places. They will all be at home looking at their phones.

Yes, that's the way I look at it.

Lets just enjoy it and not worry about the negative.

90's were the worst era IMO. CFL suits almost destroyed the CFL with that stupid US expansion bs.

That is why I get so pissed off when some bring it up like it would be a good idea to make the same mistake.

Personally what I really care about, being someone who thinks football is a great game, is that someone enjoys the game. If they only like the NFL or American football, so be it, much of what people like now is just based on the American Hollywood appearance of whatever anyways. Of course it would be great if they enjoyed Canadian football as well and were able to understand what it means to be national Grey Cup champs but not everyone has the capacity at whatever point in their lives to "get" this.

When people ask me what I like better, the CFL or NFL, I say even if the CFL didn't exist, I'd like the NFL over MLB, NHL, NBA, soccer etc. as I find the sport of gridiron football the most enjoyable, overall, for viewing. For me it's not a question of if I like the CFL or NFL better. Football, 3 downs, 4 downs whatever, is a great sport for kids to be involved in despite the risk of injury.

As far as football goes, I will always be interested who are crowned national Grey Cup champs of Canada each year, whether it's professionals or amateurs. W

But that's just the quirky me and my personal take. Maybe that makes me a random fan, not sure. :stuck_out_tongue: