random CFL stadium question

in most open-air CFL stadiums there is one grandstand alot taller or bigger than the grandstand on the opposite side of the field.

i’ve noticed its always the smaller grandstand that is featured on tv…the cameras are all showing the games with the small grandstand in the backround.

this is the case with Ivor Wynn Stadium, Mosaic Stadium, Frank Clair stadium and Molson stadium ( altho after molson’s expansion, it wont be the case ).

i don’t know if there is a reason for this, or if its impossible to change camera locations now, but i just find it odd. i mean, shouldnt you be featuring the larger side on tv so the stadium looks more ‘packed’ to people watching at home?

i know most of you will say ‘who cares’ cuz thats your response to everything around here…but maybe someone has an explination.

I would think that the cameras are placed on the higher side because it gives a better downword angle

....in the stadiums you have mentioned the higher side is also the side that has the press box, and since it makes sense to have the main TV cameras in the same location as the TV announcers thats where they are stationed....

ok, makes sense...thanks for the answers.

i knew there HAD to be some reason.

There is also the Issue at Ivor Wynn of Sideline Space, so options should be limited to which side of the field can have cameras move easily.

Could be part in that the Smaller grandstands tend to look like Their Full or atleast a higher % are filled then the larger grandstands regardless of it actually being true.

But ohwell time to change that, let's get a new stadium in:
Halifax/Moncton or QC
Maybe Regina(if they want a new one.. they fear change the most)

Dang... 6 well time to start moving! lol.

Agreed. These cities need and deserve a first-class place to see a game. The era of bowl games in packed, modern stadiums has raised fan expectations to that level.

New stadiums, and all the accommodations for broadcasting that come with them, would raise the profile of the CFL to a record level and the fans will respond, knowing they can go to a game in a great venue.

Funny how you ask that. Winnipeg beleave it or not also has one side being bigger than the other side. The cameras however aim towards the larger East End of the Stadium and its funny because CBC has makes Winnipeg stadium look huge not only because of the boldness of the East end, but because of the height of it as well.

haha, triple post.
The east side is larger?
I know there is atleast slightly more seats but I never noticed a larger difference, maybe a couple hundred because the press boxes are the the west side(sucks).

Actually Taylor Field does have club seating on the smaller side of the stadium. Cameras can be set up in there to give people a view of the larger side. Usually , though you get that shot from field level. They cant expand that side of the stands because a street and houses are right across from Mosaic on that side. TF's location was not well thought out-- houses on the one side and railroad tracks on the other, so any new stadium that might be built will need a new location.

sounds alot like IWS in hamilton...the parking lot is peoples front lawns....sad.

There has been some talk recently of the tracks being moved outside (around) of Regina. If this happens I would like to see a new stadium lacated about 1 km east of the present location in what is now the CPR container yard. It would be redily available to downtown and hotels as well as easy access for traffic from all directions.

Rail line re-location was discussed some time ago, and the cost then was 71 million to do it , and with today's costs, it will be well over 100 mill now, so im not so sure if there is the political will to spend that much money.

Yes the East side of Winnipeg stadium is a little higher than the West side. You have to look at it from Polo Park parking lot to see it. I think there is about a 20 foot difference, beleave it or not. But its really hard to tell unless you look at it from a distance.

Here are some pics looking from the West side to the East side.

[url=http://dakotaroo.com/backblog/wp-content/uploads/2006/11/stadium.jpg]http://dakotaroo.com/backblog/wp-conten ... tadium.jpg[/url] [url=http://www.remax-winnipeg.com/around_winnipeg_photos/stadiumsm.jpg]http://www.remax-winnipeg.com/around_wi ... diumsm.jpg[/url]

Plus tell me if you can see a difference here.

[url=http://www.lovemarks.com/media/image/winnipeg_blue_html.jpg]http://www.lovemarks.com/media/image/wi ... e_html.jpg[/url]

Even Wikipedia has a good shot of the west side looking towards the taller East side.


You can even count the spiral ramp on each side that takes you to the upper deck. The west side has 6 loops, the East Side has 7 loops going up.
Here is yet another pic of the taller East side of Canadian Inns stadium.
This is a really good one.

[url=http://image54.webshots.com/154/5/45/54/507854554ohPzhq_fs.jpg?track_pagetag=/page/photo/travel/canada&track_action=/ViewActions/FullSize]http://image54.webshots.com/154/5/45/54 ... s/FullSize[/url]

try this one if that link does not work.

[url=http://travel.webshots.com/photo/1507854554081576128ohPzhq]http://travel.webshots.com/photo/150785 ... 6128ohPzhq[/url]

This one really shows it.

[url=http://image64.webshots.com/164/1/43/53/507814353vtKLFA_fs.jpg?track_pagetag=/page/photo/travel/canada&track_action=/ViewActions/FullSize]http://image64.webshots.com/164/1/43/53 ... s/FullSize[/url]

Hmmmm, at BC Place, I think both sides are of equal height! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I really hope Winnipeg gets that new stadium. We need this as now the CFL can't match junior hockey in this country for new venues, which I suppose is understandable in some ways because it is hockey but sad in that the CFL is a professional league. Sooner or later this could catch up with the CFL unless a city takes the plunge first.

The good part though is the stadiums are quite ok for the real diehards and just plain good solid fans who go to the game, it's more an image thing for getting new fans on board and raising the profile of the league.

The thing that irks me Earl is that baseball of all sports boasts more modern facilities than football in this country. What a joke.

The issue is venue size of course, CFL venues need to be the largest in the country atleast 25K, but for exsiting CFL teams atleast 30K preferably near 40K.

It would surely be great to build stadiums in non-CFL cities, all they need to built is in a two phase plan.

Phase 1, Build a 25K Seat stadium with 40 Luxury boxes, very similar to BMO field. cost would run 80-95M for the stadium(land costs not included) have a built in expansion plan, should attendance be there to expand to 32K

All that would be needed for that expansion is Room to put a few rows of seats around the stadium. 10 rows in the full bowl(so going 10 rows, 20 Seats, 16 Sections) is 3.6K
Meaning to go from 25K to 32K is room for say 20 rows(if there are only 16 seciont of 20 seats)

There are 54 Sections at the BC lions stadium, so if there are atleast 10 Seats per section(after row 20) that would mean 27 sections of 20, so less then a 20 row expansion would be needed for a full bowl.

all CFL fans in non CFL cities, in Hamilton, Calgary and Regina should be making noice to local politicians about wanting a new stadium, start petitions, w/e to get heard.

Fans in Montreal should just be making sure the expansion plan goes through.

BC fans should make sure the waterfront stadium gets built as it is a possible future home of the lions.
If it has a good amount of Boxes(atleast 50)

Although more then 30K seats will be needed considering the Lions attendance last year.

Skydome broadcasts always show the Argos side of the field. Always a much fuller side and pan up to see the great CN tower. I have watched a few BMO soccer games and the camera angles are terrible. You are way to close to the action and can’t appreciate any soccer stragedy. I get so frustrated as it’s like watching Man. United visit some of the smaller clubs in Engand and forced to view the low angles.