Randee Drew to miss traing camp

RDS is reporting that Randee Drew will miss all of training camp as well as the first regular season game.
It would appear that the injury sustained last season has not completely healed.
That is indeed bad news.

Further to this,the following players have been released: Brad Roach-QB-,Shane Boyd-QB-,Ryan Karhut-OL- and Erik Galas-SB-
Finally, Andrwe Hawkins has been suspended, since he will not be present at beginning of camp due to participation in TV “serie” -4th and Long-

Expect a few additions tomorrow.


Where do you get the stuff LOL!

Damn I knew Randy's injury was bad... Hope he recovers, he was just entering his best years.

So I guess Hawkins won the 4th. and Long training camp contract with the Cowboys as far as I know the show has finished taping. Unless the Cowboys use him as a returner we should see him back. Damn #2.

QB's left Calvillo, Banks, MaC, Leach, Santos. Popp said he would carry 4...

Thanks Richard...always good stuff

Horrible news about Drew. I wonder what his game will be like after all that time away.

On the plus side, we do have options in the secondary, so hopefully his absence won't be too detrimental to the defense.

5 more players have been released /suspended; released were: Javid James-WR-,Kevin Marion-WR-,Tim Sims-CB-,KaMichael Hall-LB- and Tim McGill-DT- has been suspended.
Sean Ortiz-DL- has been added. On the Als site they list him at 166; he is either 266 or 166 and DB; I will verify/inquire.

We are down to 10 WR/SB,7 Imports and 3 non-imports; we definitely need at least 2 more.

We are at 78 players,i.e. 44 imports and 34 non-imports.


Few more moves today; 4 deletions/suspensions/inactive and 5 additions, including 3 WR,s.

Amongst the more important moves are: Richardson inactive,due to pneumonia-back soon-Stanford suspended re not in camp; we should let him go; Hunt failed his physical re shoulder, as last year; Imoh not ready re surgery in off-sesaon.

Amongst the addition, the most notable one is David Kircus-WR- 6.02, 192 and 29 years old. He played at Grand Valley State; in 4 years, 241 rec. for 4,533 yards-ave.of18.8- and 80 TD,s. Played 3 years in NFL-2 Detroit and 1 in Denver, where he played 16 games in 2006.Released by Miami on 2008-08-22.