Randall has been released . No big surprise, if he couldn't move the football during mop up time, it wasn't going to happen when the defense was pressuring and not laying back. There will be some complaining, but those were the same people that cried for Glenn to start instead of Kari and then for Glenn to be traded and that Dinwiddie was awesome and Tommy Chang should start and etc............................. The fact is Glenn was the best of that bunch ,but that broken arm really set him back. We really haven't had a great QB since Dunnigan. We are due to find a diamond in the rough ????????????????

Santos is starting on Saturday, Brandel moves to #2 and Bishop to #3 just heard it on TSN...Or did he say Brandel would start and Santos #2 ??

Santos hasn't played all year and doesn't know our offense. I doubt Santos is playing, be surprised if he is in uniform.

Which makes him different from Casey Bramlet how? Besides, you gotta dress 3 QB's, and counting Santos 3 is what you got.

How strictly is that rule enforced? I don't recall seeing the Argos have more than 2 QBs on their active roster all season.

Then you just dress 41 players, I guess.

Bishop is starting Saturday... :roll:

Brandel? The guy’s name is Bramlet. Brandel - is that like Brangelina?