Ran in to Mike Kelly and Mat Dunnigan

Took a few pictures. Kelly is a weird guy


I'm surprised he even talked to you...

HfxTC, I wouldn't quit your day job if I were you. Photoshopping pictures obviously isn't one of your strong suits.

BTW, you'll never guess who Bubba saw today on his way to watch practice. He took a picture for you:

I love how the top of Kelly's head is chopped off. Couldn't find a better pic I guess... :lol:

Yeah saw that but I left it, it was kind of fitting... Also should have put his head on the body with boobies. :smiley:

Because he's a b00b?

No, cause he has man b00bs or like Rampage Jackson calls them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3sueOeqEqE :slight_smile:

....i am surprised you didn't 'literally' run into them....But what could've Matt ever done to ya, to cause such angst...hfxtc...i think you should get some counselling....lol lol...and by the way have you got any pictures of Trestman with his hat off so we can see his 'ferret' like features more clearly.... :lol: He ain't gonna win any beauty contest either :lol:

I'm sure Als fans are happy to have Trestman after that season of having to look at Jim Popp's hair... :?

I think Dunnigan is a great guy. I was looking for a Lyle photo but could not find ONE picture of Lyle on the net any bigger than a dime or where he didn’t have a hand in front of his face. Finding a decent picture of Lyle is harder than finding one of Prince.

so Dunny being the big supporter of Kelly that he is, filled in for Lyle :slight_smile:

Ferret vs Beaver…we wont go there this year :slight_smile: Maybe next season…

…what are you talking about?!..Popp has the hair of a romance novel cover model…

…[N.Dynamite] it’s…awesome [N.Dynamite]…

Jim Loves his hair... He's even admitted that he looks himself in the mirror and talks to it :slight_smile:

Kelly does too :slight_smile: Hello ? Hello ?