Rams to Toronto?

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More speculation...move over Bills and Rogers!

and you really think that the NFL would want two struggling franchises (buffalo and tarana) in a 100 mile radius...

better the Rams go home to Los Angeles where they truly belong


I'd be surprised if Buffalo would let it happen. With the regular season games at the Rogers Centre, they'll claim TO is their territory,same as happens whenever Hamilton tries for an NHL team.

Regardless of anything the RC isn't large enough to be a full time NFL stadium. It's at least 15,000 seats smaller than the smallest NFL stadiums.

I love Blogs. Complete freedom to write anything that goes through one's mind with no requirements of any kind :slight_smile:

well if the bleecher report says it's 50/50 you know it must be true lol

you think people would use common sense before presenting news stories on here. It's the gloge and mail folks, where their reporters hit the street scouring the earth for relevant news stories, by that i mean they sit in cubicals all day bouncing around on the internet from hillbilly blogs to porn sites back to hillbilly blogs.

As smokeystover says, no chance as long as the Bills ae still around in WNY

To add to what I posted above..

There is actually only one stadium in all of Canada large enough to house an NFL team full time. That stadium is the Big O in Montreal with a capacity of 66-67,000. The next 2 biggest are Commonwealth in Edmonton and BC Place that both hold about 60,000. Rogers Center only holds about 53,000 for football.

This past year though I remember Oakland only drawing 38,000~ so who knows what the NFL will do.

Rams to Toronto, hmmm if it is in the G@M it must be true they wouldn't mislead us. :lol: I read some of the comments that were made, one said Argos to Halifax, man if it is on the G@M site it must be true, right, they wouldn't mislead us. :lol: Oh well I'll just see what happens.

I don't think the Bills would put up a fuss if it was the Reginal Rams but the other Rams, hmmm, doubt that will happen unless the Bills move to LA but all this speculating on Toronto and the NFL has been going on since the day I was born, a long, long time ago. Geez.


   Just throwing it out here......discuss or don't.
   How do you know what the folks at the Globe do?  Please back up what you wrote. <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Just a hunch based on the crap that they constantly put on paper.

Toronto bids for an NFL team are like Hamilton bids for an NHL team. Just helps the seller get more money for their team.

Will do as well as Hockey in Pheonix ........

How does anyone know ? There could be a group that has put in their intention to make a bid from Toronto ... that makes the story true

they even said
"It's being reported out of St. Louis that one of the three bidders hoping to buy the Rams has ties to Toronto and, presumably, would like to relocate the franchise there.

another said there is a 50/50 chance .. well thats true too either they will or they wont 50/50

so whats the beef with the news story ????

A bit of cynicism is probably OK.
But if I ever get as bad as this...please shoot me.

HfxTC: You could be right.
Predictions always seem to backfire but.....I can't see an NFL team in Toronto for a long time. If ever...for no other reason than it would be too messy for the NFL to have one team across the US border for the first time.

This is only being used by the Rams as leverage to get even more of a sweet deal from the city of St. Louis (maybe even a new stadium). :expressionless:

Stadium size isn't the killer factor here. They can argue that they can charge more per ticket and make the same revenues and they have the Leafs as their example of how much TO sports fans will pay. What will keep the Rams from moving to TO is the fact that there are several US cities who would kill for a NFL team.

An Argo-Cat fan

And the fact that Rogers has devalued an NFL ticket in Toronto with the Bills series. I know, I know, it's not their team that's why no one, well about 8000 signed up for the 5 or 3 year deal, but hardly anyone signed up for this series. But the problem now, to use what writers love to say, optics, are that people are looking for very cheap, even freebies, for an NFL ticket in Toronto. Those optics are just not good regardless if this isn't a Toronto team. Combined with the fact everyone and their uncle knows the RC was built mainly with baseball in mind and looks a bit strange with an NFL sized field on it with the lower bowl too level that they have to put banners over the first few rows of seats. This screams "I'm a baseball stadium, get out football." Yes, it's multipurpose but definitely football is a second class citizen in that stadium, and the NFL knows it.

I guess people fail to pick up on the key words in the articl SCANT PROOF and BLEACHER REPORT website.

I’d say there is 0% chance the rams ever move to toronto.