Ramonce Taylor

Running Back Ramonce Taylor recently signed with with the Blue Bombers. Guess he's been playing AFL2 for the last couple of years. When he was with the Univ. of Texas, he was amazing. Then he had some off-field trouble and left the Longhorns. He could be a big surprise in camp if he's gotten his head on straight.

From todays Free Press,

[i]That's why Kelly & Co. are giving players like former Texas star Ramonce Taylor -- who was convicted of drug possession and parole violation -- an opportunity to fly right.

"Not everybody looks good in (prison) orange, you know? I think he recognized that," Kelly explained Friday. "When he came to Monroe, La. (for a Bomber free agent camp) his mother came with him and we all sat down. We've all done things that probably at the time we thought were good ideas, but as we look back now we go 'Oh, how do we survive some of those things?'

"All we're doing is providing an opportunity. Some of these guys come in here and if they handle themselves correctly, that's great. They've learned their lesson, they've matured, they move on. Any sign of stupidity and the airport's only five minutes away. It works out easy. I don't have to honour anybody's scholarship."[/i]

It was four pounds of marijuana. I laughed when I read that his mama sat down on the meetings with Kelly, I wonder if she "fainted" like she did when they convicted him last year. Every time Ramonce get's in trouble mama show's up now in his twenties it is a little sad. I am shocked they let him in the country, absolutly shocked ! We got to clean up our immigration system.

What were his other charges from his "mile long record" (your quote). I'm not familiar with him, but as far as his mom being there, I think that says something about the kid - and he obviously still is a kid. Sounds like someone who made some bad choices (I think we all have at some point), and got a chunk ripped outta them by his mom. I'm sure she told him about burning his chances at playing pro-ball, and about it being time to grow up. Everyone deserves a second chance, but only a select few deserve a third. Like I said in the other thread, he'll be on a very short leash, screw up and he's gone. It's a low risk - possible high reward gamble for us.

....you're gonna be even more shocked when Taylor is running into your endzone for six....i don't blame you for being 'upset' :l ...shock and awe man...shock and awe... :lol: :lol:

He was sentenced in Feb 2008 to two years in jail, meaning that while he is free (suspended sentence for five years). He is still under sentence till Feb 2010 ! How does someone like that allowed in to our country bogles the mind !

Papa it has nothing to do with athletics Bombers have Smith and Reid do you seriously think Taylor is going to beat these guys ? If he did it would be even more of a shame.

Peronaly I find it shameful that the league and Cohon have registered that contract.

Taylor’s college career ended after he was arrested in May 2006 and later pleaded guilty to having 4 ounces to 5 pounds of the drug in his vehicle. The drug was divided into four 1-pound bags.

Taylor was dismissed from the Longhorns and has continued to have legal problems with multiple probation violations, including two positive drug tests, failure to report to his probation officer, criminal trespassing and entering a nightclub where alcohol is served.

He was arrested just two weeks ago on a new charge of a possessing a small amount of marijuana, Odom said.

He was also accused of posession of a handgun in a nightclub but the charges were droped as the gun could not be found…

I don't think anyone is planning on him upsetting Reid/Smith yet. We do need a return guy though. If he is any kind of problem though as has been said he will be cut very quickly. low risk. unless he blows the socks off in training camp, I don't see him going very far IMO

He's in training camp and getting another chance because he has serious talent. That's the way it is(and always has been) in pro football. It's all about winning. Taylor's not the first guy in history to get another chance in pro ball because of talent.

I understand the football org with no morals or ethics.

Explain this straight from Canada Immigration

Canada’s immigration laws prevent the admission of a foreign national who has committed an offence that if committed inside Canada could be considered an indictable offence in Canada. Many minor offences for example where an individual has been [b]convicted within the past five years of an impaired driving charge, a small quantity drug possession, minor theft or assault charges will be inadmissible to Canada[/b] because such offences can be prosecuted in Canada either as an indictable offence or punishable on summary conviction.
How does someone with a two year sentence in 2008, parole violations, history of gang association get's across our border?

Something is not right... Either he lied or someone didn't do their job.

Simple, those rules are just for average joes. If you have something special, new rules!

.......Past cases ,of similar circumstances, have surfaced and the people concerned have been successfull in their applications to enter Canada....I believe Taylor has been forthright and has changed his ways......Nobody with his type of offences deserves to be condemned forever...and if it turns out NOT to be the case with regards to his apparent rehabilitation ...like Kelly says....the airport is only five mins. away from the stadium......If your looking for a parallel, with a record to compare to, look up the name Mike Sellers....who is doing quite well these days, thankyou very much... :wink:Now lets play football...

Really, nothing has changed, the Bombers simply replaced one dubious player for another. :wink:

Taylor is fast, I'm surprised the police were able to catch him. :lol:

Incredible...Cohon says he want's drug testing for the league and the next day the Bombers bring a convicted drug traffiquer/runner still under sentence in the league. UNREAL ! Way to go Cohon...it sure isn't short for Cohonas....

Cohon can say anything he likes, but without the vote from the owners, it don't mean squat.

Exceptions can be made for a variety of reasons. Strict application of that law you quote would have prevented Nelson Mandela from coming to Canada to give a speech; he had a criminal record in his home country.

OH F. F. S ! s Don't be ridiculous. Mandela was a political prisoner even hinting at a comparison between Mandela and Taylor is ridiculous. What offense did Mandela commit that would have caused him to be sentenced in Canada. Being Black?

Come on man !

Taylor: "Equal rights for stoners ! Free the stoners !, One man one joint !" or "One man , Four pounds "


Oh trumped up charges for sure............but he had a criminal record nevertheless.

My point was that exceptions can be made upon application to Canada Immigration; I was not comparing the offences in question.

Well that is one part of the problem

1- What justifies letting him in the country?

2- Why Cohon registered the contract? The send Tillman home for a "charge" and say welcome to a convicted felon :roll:

Bomber fans better hold comments about Tillman to themselves...

It does make you wonder.

If they can't get Armstead into the country, what exception was found to allow this guy in?

Heck, as far as I am aware, Armstead hasn't even been found guilty yet...............but this guy as I understand it was already found to have been guilty.