Ramonce Taylor...Willie Byrd among cuts....

Not so suprised to see Byrd get cut...but very surprising to see Taylor get the axe...I thought he had good potential....guess Kelly didn't....Who will be the return man?????? Maybe its a missprint????? :roll: :roll:

other cuts
Johnny Baldwin
Dan Giancola
James Kilian
Darius Battles
Adam Bestard
John Eubanks
Devon Hicks
Mike Morris
Peter Quinney
Justin Surrency

Wow, some surprises for sure. Can't keep'em all.

Get ready for next week now.

Interesting stuff, papa...............yes letting Taylor go surprised me too. Kilian isn't much of a surprise really....................I thought maybe he'd have a leg up over Randall since the Kelly/Murphy team brought him in and Randall was one of Taman's boys, good to see the brain trust there is making football decisions and not letting personalities dictate things. Randall showed enough (certainly more so than Kilian) in the exhibition game, so he deserves to make the cut. Now it's just a question of whether he or Williams ends up as #2, which could be important should LeFors falter......

....Giles and Bernard are the reason , i think, is why we cut Taylor....I don't know how we're going to keep both of these very talented guys around as they are both running backs....I think Giles is a returner and we could fit him in...But Bernard...this guy is a problem....mind you a good one...he's the real deal........Could a vet. be in trouble??????...Guess we'll see in Montreal how a few postions will be settled.....????glad i'm not Kelly :lol:

......according to the media and a statemet by Kelly.....Ramonce Taylor was released because of an 'off-field indiscretion' one which he refuses to comment on......I don't know what the heck is wrong with guys who are trying to get their career back on track...then turn around and de-rail themselves....Just unbelievable that Taylor could let this happen....I hope he turns up somewhere in the league....he's got raw-talent galore...Good luck to him and i hope he doesn't come back to haunt us... :frowning:

...obviously Giles and Bernard were NOT the reason for his release.....but it also opens a spot for one or both to make this club... :thup:

maybe Kelly has plans to trade Smith or Reid, with the performances of Bernard and Giles, it would not surprise me in the least bit to see Smith get traded as Giles is similar in style (power runner), but a little smaller. Just another day in the Blue Bomber Soap Opera, either way i am confident in Kelly's Decisions to this point.

Bestard, Morris, and Quinney aren't exactly cuts. They have a year left of CIS elegibility left and remain WBB property I believe. They will probably be back next year to compete for spots. Kind of like Stephenson and Sleightholm from last year.

Taylor had promise but there's no room for error to make a CFL team. No 2 month long training camps or 4 preseason games or extra roster space like in the NFL. Byrd had that pick in the game vs Hamilton, bit of a suprise. Any rookie receivers (surrency) making the team were in tough with the group already in place unless they were able to do multiple tasks like punt/kick returns, special teams.

Yup, Taylor couldn't keep his nose clean off the field, again.

that's really too bad, from what it sounded like, he was going to be a helluva return man for us. oh well, good on kelly for giving him a second chance but not giving him a third.

Oh. oh I hear Rasputia's footsteps....

Rasputia from Norbit ?


I could see Kilian getting cut, his play didnt impress me. But Ramonce Taylor, I thought he was a shoe-in for sure. I hope Kelly doesn't cut Jonathan Hefney, I love his speed and agility. LeFors played a solid quarter. Good beginning.


Hefney was all over the field vs Hamilton. He seemed to be in on most of the tackles. He’s a keeper for sure…

Sorry to see Taylor go, but apparently he has some, um, issues. Giles is supposed to be a heck of a returner also.