Ramonce Taylor to get a look....

...According to sources....Taylor is going to sign on with the schmoes.....hmmmmmmmm....I can see something in the works here......IF it is official....that leaves the esks. returner Jackson on the sidelines...COULD he be headed this way, when you take into account our propensity, for hiring on esks. in 09....orrrrrrr if he isn't cut.....Barrin for Tristan Jackson....Would help both clubs....I know Jovon Johnson has really come on the last while.....BUT do we really want him returning punts in the playoffs (if we get that far) considering his value as a db....It would make sense ....but sometimes that isn't always a 'given' in this league... making sense, i mean :wink:

  1. Edmonton will never cut Jackson (best returner in the CFL)
  2. Edmonton doesn't need Simpson (they have an all-star MLB who is making big bucks already)
  3. Winnipeg is not going to make the playoffs

Our chances are as good as yours especially after we stuff the Ticats on Monday. :wink:

  1. and yet he looked pretty horrible last week, didn't he?
  2. Probably true...and Simpson may have decided it's okay to be a Bomber after all
  3. We'll see...

...after mon.....you'll be singing a different tune.... :lol:

woohhh guys. the game is monday???

Thanksgiving day, Monday, Oct 12 - 3:30 CT start.

wow. i must have been drunk the last time i looked at the schedule! thanks!!! gotta re-arrange my schedule!!!

Ramona: "Ramonce you packed?"
Ramonce: "Yeees Mama"
Ramona: "You got your playstation?"
Ramonce: "Yeees Mama"
Ramona: "Your gun?"
Ramonce: "Yeees Mama"
Ramona: "Your cell phone with the lawyer's number?"
Ramonce: "Yesss Mama"
Ramona: "Your Bong?"
Ramonce: "Yesss Moma"
Ramona: "Ramonce you better not let that coach hug you again like that..."
Ramonce: "Don't worry Mama, I'm all packed"


Just like you stuffed us last time you were supposed to :wink:

......you might want to take this to the schmoes site....he has officially been signed by edm.... :wink: :lol:

I'll concur with item 2

1 I'm not so sure about either way. . . not sure that he'll never be cut, and not sure he's the best returner (Larry Taylor might have something to say about that. . . although neither has been particularly stellar the past few weeks)

3, again, I'm not so sure about. . . they might make it, they might not; I'm not going to make a categorical statement either way

I laughed.

I'll tell you there was a time where there was ZERO chance someone with Taylor's "history" would have been allowed to put on that jersey and I mean ZERO.

The times they are changing...

You thinking about Bernie Ruoff?

I don't think there is a team in the league now that doesn't have at least one player who has had legal issues at one time or another.

Yeah, seems like it... Too bad.

Not necessarily. If they've put the past behind them and are now upstanding citizens then good for them.

Bernie Ruoff always looked like a massive stoner to me.

Somehow I don't remember him being arrested with four pounds of the stuff in his backpack or threatening people with guns ...

…It was the bong in Bernies locker that gave him away…just kidding…Ruoff was partaking in a little ‘recreational mary-jane’…something not all that serious in todays world…The Bombers had strict rules, regarding same, back in the day…Mack Herron could also attest to that fact…(Damn i liked that little back)… Lunsford was a no-nonsense type…if he caught a whiff of something …and it was traced to you…you just bought your ticket out of town… :wink: