Rambo's birthday suprise!

I made a comment ... You can either agree or disagree... I have always disliked showboating or taunting, I find its classless... Nothing wrong with celebrations, Hi-fives, group hugs etc...this is pro football not high school football.

As far as wanker, judging by your sig your hardly one to be making such assessments. why not hmmm on that for awhile

Sure you do dust you just did not know it.

No it had nothing to do with what you posted. It has more to do with your endless childish quest to start arguments with rider fans.
I think the video was childish.
Do you now want to start an argument with Als fans?

You see Dentor your the guy that should have got Ro upset. The point is these were birthday celebrations for Rambo. Your the one that changed the subject yet he goes after Retrievil. Is this subject on showboating no. So Retrievil made a statment on that fact and Ro having his dislike for Lions fans had to make a comment on him. Funny is it not Ro. If you wish to do it right you really need to go after the right person and keep your dislikes to yourself. Retrievil was right in making that statment show boating had nothing to do with this thread.

Why are you bringing Retrieval into this?
I asked that the subject go back on track and you have to start another argument buy bringing up names of posters who are not involved.
If you count read and count you would see that there are at least 10 posts between his and mine and I never mentioned any names.

You, in your endless quest for agruments have to assume that I was talking to him because you need to turn each and every thread into and argument!