for being out over a year rambo looked excellent, was awesome that he got a standing ovation when he was announced before the game started. Very excited to see what he can do for us from here on. im hoping he can only get better :smiley:

…definately happy to see him back, would’ve been nice to have him and Sam on the field at the same time, tough to cover two go-to guys…

i have enjoyed him a lot this year. i Sort of miss the Rambo antics so to speak though. his jumping into the croud and such. the more “charasmatic” rambo. Maybe his injury humbled him a little reguarding those things. anyone else got thoughts?

A potential career ending injury can certainly humble you and make you appreciate you still have a career in football or any sport really. Rambo has looked great in his comeback though. I did not expect him to be as close to his old form like before. He is still on pace for over a 1000 yards if he keeps it up!

if rambo can get his speed back to where it was in 08, the stamps could really be on a tear. you know, i really am not sure where PK sam is going to fit into the whole scheme. we have good canadian talent, and great recieving core, bryant comming along, franklyn... im really interested in them developing forzanni.

I think rambo is one the elite players in the CFL. Do you remember about 17 years ago when each team only had one, maybe two elite recievers. now its like every team has three to four. i wonder how much damage Rambo would have done years ago when he would have been the only great reciever on the team. in the Don N. years i think he was the elite, with like one other guy. cant recall cause i don t care about the riders. but he had the records cause he was it. What would Rambo be like if he was the only guy on the team? can you say records?