Rambo Trade bait according to some!

Thanks for trolling be sure to come back again.

Insert light bulb emoticon here!

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I see piggy you have lowered yourself to the cflzone lingo! Does this mean you are smarter? No way you only get dumber going to that site.

The only receiver not to sit out yet is Bo...and Rambo....and Copeland...
The ONLY receiver to sit out so far has been Lewis.
But like Piggy says, don't want to confuse 'em with the facts...
Any word for the 'Smoe game?
No receivers sitting out for that one?

Well Arius it seems you are either plain stupid or just do not know what the heck your talking about.
Copeland did not start what two games. I recall it was you that stated he was on the trading block. Then the next was Lewis and yes again you stated he was on the trade block. And now it is going to be Rambo and I am sure Arius yet again you will make the dumb statment that Rambo is now going to be trade bait. Yup if you are not the smartest poster other then your twin Mike.

Easy now, 05.
I know it is a touch embarrassing for you to continue to push forward this "rotation" theory, but no need to lay on any insults.

I have never stated that I think any of your receivers are on the trading block.
In fact, I believe I just said that the Stamps trading a receiver is actually very unlikely.
When others speculate on the possibility, I do discuss it. But that is not the same as me putting forth the theory.
Copeland did not start the first THREE games, but that is not at all the same as sitting. Fact is, he played in every game this year. The only receiver to have SAT, ie., who has not played in a game, was Lewis. look it up!
Copes was the DI for 3 games, and Lewis was last game.
I have no idea who will start for the Stamps this week.
It wouldn't surprise me if Rambo is the DI. If there has been an announcement to that fact from the club great. Otherwise, they won't announce their final roster until 6PM Sat.

I do enjoy pushing your buttons on this issue though, so go for it if you care to continue...

Youe right Arius no need for insults but now you seem to be changing your mind again (see Mike). So that see if a different receiver is taken out of the starting line up this is not rotation. I will write that one down but that is laughable at best. And yes I know you enjoy pushing the buttons good one Arius. So does this mean Fantuz is done as a receiver as well. Maybe he can play thrid string for the Tiger Cats.

You know what I’ve noticed about this topic. I haven’t read a reply that suggests a possible trade for Rambo. I haven’t read a reply suggesting that a team in this league should trade for Rambo in hopes of improving their team. I haven’t read a reply that suggests that any fan of any team in this league would ever want Rambo on their team.

And why has no one actually talked about a trade for Rambo? Well I can’t imagine a team giving up anything to get Rambo. I seem to be the only person who replied and tried to stay on topic by suggesting this and also stating that the man isn’t a very good football player. And I get accused of trolling for this? I must admit I don’t understand RW2005’s accusation. I am merely stating an opinion that Rambo is not a good football player and if any team gave up a 6th round draft pick to get him, they would be making a mistake. How is this trolling? I am not a big Internet user, so you’ll have to fill me in on the answer to this RW2005.

Just like Lewis, Fantuz was banished from the starting lineup because he wasn't playing well.
The difference is 2 fold however.
As an import, if they aren't going to play you, you might be more valuable in civies.
Fantuz, as a Canadian, is more easily benched but left on the roster.
Pretty simple actually.

Anyway, back to your "rotation" theory.
You have to actually rotate your receivers in some kind of discernable pattern in order for that theory to hold.
And as no such pattern exists for the Stamps....
I repeat. Only one player was the DI for 3 games in a row--no rotation--just Copes.
Only one player has been banished from the roster--Nik Lewis--with perfectly clear statements from him, his coaches and the team as to why he was banished--poor performance--again, no pattern, no "rotation".
No team benches their best football player because of some "preordained rotation".
Or to be more precise, the Stamps have no such rotation.
If you aren't playing, it is because they feel the team is better without you.
Simple enough.
If Rambo is the DI this week, it is because they believe that Lewis, Bo, and Copes gives them the best receiving corp.

And just because I do so enjoy pushing your buttons, has anyone noticed how well Elijah is playing in Montreal?

Well let me set you straight on this matter. It seems when a receiver for the Stamps is sitting out from a game a rider fan posts that the particular receiver is on the trading block. So Rambo is sitting so he must be getting traded. Your a rider fan are you not. Your not the only one posting on this particular subject but if guilt got to you do not worry this was really not intended for you originally. No your opinion on Rambo is just that its your opinion and I will respect that.

Arius again you ramble on with out giving much thought what the heck you are saying. If in fact every receiver now has sat for a game other then Boe do you not think that is a rotation. Your dumber then I thought (excuse the insult). Now I see because Fantuz is Canadian in your thoughts he is untradable this only is for imports. I see. Make the rules as you go.

It amazing how some are thinking that a Stamp receiver that sits is now trade bait. The truth is that they dont have enough room for all the recievers , so one sits. The rumours are just Arius' speculation, and very misguided at that. No one should believe any rumours that he makes up in his head. The Stamps have talented receivers, so much so that one sits on a rotation. Nice problem to have, IMO.

Thank you Sambo you are correct. That was my purpose of the thread was to bring Coach Arius out of hiding and frankly it worked. You are right! By the way Sambo your team played well last night congratulations rider fans.

Mr. Copeland:
Game 1 vs. Hamilton – 9 yds receiving
Game 2 vs. Roughriders – 32 yeds receiving
Game 3 vs. Toronto – 54 yds receiving, 1td
Game 4 vs. Toronto – 114 yds receiving, -5 yds rushing
Game 5 vs. BC – 100 yds receiving, 1td

....if he's sitting tonight, your statement should be amended to read, "by tonight, every receiver will have sat for a game".....otherwise, it's CYA time..... :lol:

Copeland did not play in game 1 until the last part of the 4th quarter, with the game well in hand, and with the second stringers. Basically he was the "DI" for the first game.

Yes, but he still played.....

You ruin all my fun, sambo....I'm just trying to get his goat..... :lol:

Okay I need to set something straight and hopefully it is not something that gets confused again... I am NOT a Rider fan,I don't know what gave you that impression. Although I definately prefer the Riders to any of their Western opponenets. I am a Blue Bomber fan all the way.

And no guilt never got to me, just confusion about the post I responded to. I guess I just assumed this was a serious topic and responded to it as such lol. I haven't read all the topics on here and didn't realize the purpose of your post.

Arius again you ramble on with out giving much thought what the heck you are saying. If in fact every receiver now has sat for a game other then Boe do you not think that is a rotation. Your dumber then I thought (excuse the insult). Now I see because Fantuz is Canadian in your thoughts he is untradable this only is for imports. I see. Make the rules as you go.
Sure, I tend to ramble on. But at least I try to get my facts right. So again--the ONLY receiver that has sat is Nik Lewis--for one game. Hell of a rotation!

And as Sambo has jumped in here, I'll repeat this for both of you.
At no time have I ever said I thought Calgary was about to trade any of their receivers.
That is purely a fabrication of 05's imagination.

Up until now I have assumed that the use of the DI was clear, but I am beginning to wonder.
All being the DI meant was that you could not have Copeland on the field at the same time as all of the other imports on offence.
But he was playing and as long as you take one of Rambo, Lewis, Bo, Reynolds (even an import o-lineman)off the field and inform the ref, he can play every down if the Stamps want.
And Copes was the DI for the first 3 games--caught passes in them all....

Lewis on the other hand was not even on the roster for one game......