Rambo Trade bait according to some!

Well thats see first it was Copeland sitting, then Lewis and now Rambo. Each time the trolls on this site mentioned each one of these guys are about to be traded. Hmmmm So this means Rambo is next to be on the trading block or is this in fact a rotation like I had mentioned.

...oh no, a trade HAS to be in the works, I hope we get something good for all our receivers that we are going to be trading....

Disclaimer: {in preparing this post R&W is using the new guidebook 'How a Non-Stampeder Fan can interpret the inner workings of the Stamp Locker Room from using only outside self-interpreted observations', available on Riderville.ca and at most Blue Bomber home games)

I havent seen much of Thelwell in last couple of weeks. Is he injured?

It’s Riderville.COM.

And yes, the trade market is positively vibrating with excitement over the prospect of an underachieving import receiver shaking loose from Higgins’ grasp.

Still sticking to the "rotation" theory, huh, 05.
One receiver sitting out one game all year does not a "rotation" make.
As for trade talk, as Stamp fans think they have so much depth at the receiver position and you have so many glaring weaknesses on defence, is it any wonder that such speculation comes up?
But the way your receivers have been playing, who would want one of them?

And I thought it was RiderCult.com?

R&W, I like your new mantra. I guess given that some Stamps fans are clueless as to what goes on in the Stamp locker room, you need to get your info somewhere.....


And I thought it was RiderCult.com?


That's the paid part of the site.

I don't go there because I think it's lucidrous bordering on retardation that a professional sports team would make its fans PAY to get information on the team. They should be filling a free site and sending me unsolicited emails hourly advising me of every mundane happening in Riderville, because (a) that's what the fans want and (b) you don't get new fans without exposure.

I agree with you 100%.
I have started calling it RiderCult.com, because some of the individuals using it display cult like loyalty to the site and with their "what happens on Riderville stays on Riderville" mantra, backed up by The Leader/ET getting upset when things he says leave the site, it is very cult like....

The Riders are funny in that they do a great job of merchandising -Rider gear is everywhere and generally appealing, but the team's website is so disgracefully bad I don't really have the words to describe it.

Its complete lack of user-friendliness is rivalled only by the dearth of information it provides.

Us diehards will find what we want elsewhere, but if I was a casual or a fledgling fan? Fuhgeddaboudit.

And it's not like there aren't 7 other CFL teams and 32 NFL teams that they couldn't model themselves after.

Shameful, really.

...geez, if holding BC to 292 yards total is a defense with 'glaring weaknesses' then please sir could I have seconds of that?....

Did you win?
Against first an injured QB, then a 3rd stringer?
I'll give you this much.
We held them to 168 yards of offence and lost as well.....

Anyway, I think you missed the sarcastic nature of my post....
The only place I have seen any trade rumours about Rambo is right here..from 05. And you...in jest I understand...you do understand I was jesting as well?

If there has been talk on RiderCult.com, as you can see from my comments regarding that group, who cares....

However, if one were to seriously examine things, trades are uncommon in the CFL, but if a team has an abundance of depth at one position, is it not reasonable to wonder if they might move a player to help at another position? Say maybe Cates for Lazeo?
And all we ever hear about from Stamps fans is how deep they are at receiver....therefore....?
Frankly, I don't think a trade is imminent as I don't think you are nearly as deep at the receiver position as the bravado might suggest....

I can't imagine anyone giving up anything in a trade for Rambo. He stinks.

And I'll add that BC is currently 7th in the league in total offence.
Way to hold 'em to their average production per game, Calgary!!

...stop smelling the players deva....

...us losing to BC the other week had more to do with our O than our D, but a loss is still a loss, and please use the [jest] keys when doing so, it' makes it so much easier to read...I suppose some around these parts have trumpetted the depth of our catching corps, but it's not all that deep, just fine in fact, so I agree a trade isn't going to occur anytime soon...

If by jest keys, you mean emoticons, I don't use 'em, because I hate 'em!
One should be able to convey one's message without resorting to such trickery.

Anyway, I actually agree with you that your offence was a big part of the problem.
Or more specifically, the Hank Burris hat-trick--2TDs, 2 fumbles and 2 picks.
I will let you in on a secret about Hank.
He tries to hard.
He needs to learn to relax and just do his job rather than try to force things and take the poor play of others onto his shoulders.
If he ever learns to do that, he has always had the necessary skills.

Seems like the ones that don't know what is going on in the Stamps locker room are the Stamps themselves.

Not my fault Red...Rambo stinks so bad I can smell him here in Winnipeg.

...thats one heck of a smeller you have then...next relevant comment?...anyone?....

NOone trades Rambo, he trades them

Careful Arius, you wouldn't want to confuse the ranch hands with facts now, do you.

Notice I caught the troll with this one R&W it is a sure fire way to get him.Yes, I guess since the only receiver that has not sat out is Boe it is not quite a rotation yet. And your right Red the defense played well but coach Arius would not know that. After all it was our offense that was being generous once again.