Rambo joining 'Cats

Just read on 900chml.com that Dan Rambo - former GM in Ottawa and Saskatchewan, and former scout for the Broncos - is joining the Ticats as Director of Player Personnel.

Sounds like a good move.



u had me at the rambo part i thought this was about kenyo

what about Mike and Craig

Michael P. McCarthy Senior Advisor, Football Operations
Craig Smith Director, Player Personnel

8) If Dan Rambo is the Cats Director of Player Personnel, what has happened to Craig Smith ?????

Press conf. tomorrow. actually he will be Director of football Operations.

[url=http://www.900chml.com/news/news_local.cfm?cat=74281526912&rem=71800&red=801152623aPBIny&wids=410&gi=1&gm=news_local.cfm]http://www.900chml.com/news/news_local. ... _local.cfm[/url]

Great football man to have in the Tiger-Cat organization. He has a lot of connections in the CFL and NFL which makes him invaluable. :thup:

Good hire. This is the guy they should have brought on board in the first place for the GM job IMO. When a team needs rebuilding you need somebody who's been there done it.

when i first saw this thread i thought u meant we had traded for kenyon Rambo

What a joke. Marcel has done a great job of getting these guys in hear. I love how the blue team fans have to come to our forum to discuss football. At least we know there is one or two blue team fans around.

Maybe Bob Young and Scott Mitchell aren't so high on Marcel ???

Let's face it .. a lot of the players he has brought in via trades aren't here anymore or aren't playing.

This could get interesting.

Nothing to do with displeasure with our GM.

Just boosting the football IQ in the front office.

This move makes perfect sense to me. With the Ticats finally having an owner with "deeper than usual" pockets and each team in the league having to abide by the new salary management system, it is great to see the Ticats are willing to separate themselves from their competition by hiring more and more experienced and knowledgeable football minds to help find and evaluate new talent.

The Maple Leafs should be taking notes!

  • paul

No, they shouldn’t. Let them rot.

Regarding a question about the football operations hierarchy

Rambo is expected to work with

Ticat player personnel director Craig Smith

and Mike McCarthy, the Cats' senior
advisor of football operations.

He will report directly to Cat GM Marcel Desjardins.

[b]Rambo Is New Cats' Director of Football Operations

August 08, 2007 Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator[/b]

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are expected to announce
a new director of football operations this afternoon.

The successful applicant is long-time
Canadian Football League player personnel
director and general manager Dan Rambo,

who has spent the past nine seasons
as a scout with the Denver Broncos.

Rambo joined the Broncos from the
1997 Saskatchewan Roughriders,

where he served as director
of player personnel.

He also served the Riders from 1983 to 1990,
holding various positions including assistant
general manager and director of scouting.

Rambo, 53, worked with Dallas of the World League
of American Football in 1990

serving as director of European football operations.

In 1992 Rambo came back to the CFL to serve
as general manager of Ottawa Rough Riders,

helping the team to a nine-win season,
it's best in a decade.

Rambo is expected to work with

Ticat player personnel director Craig Smith

and Mike McCarthy, the Cats' senior
advisor of football operations.

He will report directly to Cat GM Marcel Desjardins.

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:lol: Touche!
  • paul

ps. I am not a Leafs fan, just for the record!

Next, We'll bring in his 1/2 brother "John Rambo"
AKA Stallone

That will straighen out the locker room.

:lol: :lol:

Doh...but I stand by my comments and I don't care who knows.
Marcel may one day be a good GM, but he's learning on the job as far as I'm concerned.
But for the record I'm a CFL fan first and Argo fan second. With that in mind I want to see the Ticats become a competetive team and Bob Young deserves one for pulling the team out of its financial hole. IMO he now has two good football men in place in Rambo and Taaffe.

Wise words there, DB. Any organization is only as successful as its leaders. I feel much more confident in the future with these men in place than in many previous years.

Dan Rambo was just on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. Scott Mitchell approached him about the job. He apparently would have been the GM in Ottawa had the Palmer group been granted the franchise there.
He kind of dodged the question when McCown asked him how far away this team was from being a winner. He said the team is still learning how to win and that they have a lot of young guys running around making mistakes, but they're only two points out of a playoff spot. (Well really three as Edmonton has 5 points)
When he met with Bob Young he was impressed by Bob's committment and probably the salary offer. lol But he has turned down other positions in the CFL so he must have liked what he saw and heard.
I think he will prove to be a great hire. Hamilton now has somebody in place like BC (O'Billovich) and Toronto (Greg Mohns) who can keep finding those talented players that are available.