Rambo is officially an Argo Finally

It has been no secret that Ken Yon Rambo has been in Toronto since his release unofficially rehabbing with Toronto. He will now be able to hit the practice field this week as an official Argo.
The Argos have been missing that one go to receiver with a knack for TD's when in the redzone.
Will Rambo be that guy? I pretty sure that is what the Argos are counting on.
The Argos have been able to plug in the holes when needed at the end of training camp and during the season.
Starting off with the quick signing of Robert McCune after his release late in TC from the Stamps. I could not imagine the Toronto defense would be as good as it is without McCune at MLB. He is the center peice of that defense and being reunited with Jones where he started every game for Calgary at MLB in 2010 and 2011.
Kicking problems were addressed by the signing of import Swayze Waters who has been nothing less than spectacular in both Punting and Kicking. His place kicking range is of 50 yards comfortably well ahead of any other CFL place Kicker.
Coverage teams struggling began to turn around by adding NI Etienne Boulay a fantastic coverage guy as well as being of starter ability at Safety has given the Argos some flexibility with the ratio on defense along with another NI Matt Black Captain of the coverage teams. They have been seen together on the field in the deep cover two package which calls for two safeties.
Protection and O Line. Former Ncaa small school All american LT Tony Washington was snubbed by the nFL due to things that happend when he was a teenager but has honed his skills in the Arena league whil putting on the bulk needed and after some time with Calgary in 2011 went back for a full spring in2012 of Arena Ball and has been on the Argos practice squad and has been deemed ready allowing NI Wayne Smith a CFL vet move over to LG from LT where he can help the youngter with on field adjustments. So far so good after one game.
Moving Kackert as starting Tailback also so far so good as he did everything that Boyd couldnt or wouldnt do in this different type of offense.

If all goes according to plan Rambo will be another piece to that puzzle

It will be interesting to see how Washington performs (if inserted as fulltime tackle) as he was projected to be a high draft pick (first two rounds) if not for his legal issues.

The Stamps may have released him due to similar political/PR pressure, not necessarily a performance based decision.

Redemption could be in the cards as an Argo though...time will tell..

The Argos may be the best fit for Washington actually. In the Big city of Toronto the Argos or the CFL are not top news so the legal issues of an Argos lineman will go largely unnoticed as just a blip on the radar of sports in Toronto. Add in a new dynamic head coach in Milanovich and a veteran star QB who needs his backside protected and Washington could be a mainstay in Toronto for a while

true steve...although if the Argos continue to progress and reach the Grey Cup, the media may take more notice although winning is definitely a prescription for redemption and public absolution.

Toronto is long overdue for a winning pro sports team, and this season could break that burden.