Ralph Wilson's a goof!

The following is a link to a story in the Buffalo Evening News about this topic. Be forewarned that it is a long article.

One thing I found interesting is that because of financial arrangements with the State and Stadium, that if recall came from monies invested in improvements to the stadium to keep the Bills there a few years back, the Bills have to seek approval just to play 1 exhibition game away. Imagine the legal problems of moving the franchise.

[url=http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives?p_action=doc&p_docid=11C5FEEF080200C8&p_docnum=1]http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Arc ... p_docnum=1[/url]

This is what really gets lost. There is no additional tv revenue. Where does it come from? Is some Canadian TV producer going to produce NFL games? No! Why? because it is too expensive.

What will happen regardless if there is a team in Toronto or not is that CTV, TSN, CBC, whoever will pay ABC, ESPN, etc. for the rights to broadcast NFL games in Canada. There is no additional revenue because the process would work exactly the same as it does now.

What big sponsors are going to come in? Pepsi?, IBM?, Bud?, oh wait they are already in both the American and Canadian market.

For that reason is why the NFL would much rather go to Europe because of the large phone, energy, transportation companies that are not already involved in the NFL. The tv market would increase rapidly which wouldn’t happen here because there is already a tv market.

:D Sarcasm accepted. Do we have a sarcasm icon?

By the way, it was the specific use of the term 'posturing' that lead to my response. One postures if there is no intent. Clearly the Bills management (whoever is leading them) is investigating options for the future.

Anyway, good article from sports-biz on the whole CFL getting an NFL team side of the question.

[url=http://sportsbiznews.blogspot.com/2007/10/nfl-expansion-to-canada-will-not.html]http://sportsbiznews.blogspot.com/2007/ ... l-not.html[/url]

While the NFL is publicly saying no expansion,
" 'Brian McCarthy, the NFL's vice-president of communications, said: "We do not have any expansion plans and no teams have filed the necessary paperwork for relocation. ' "

It's also clear that a lot of people don't agree with my belief that there are expansion plans. -See Raiders on-line.

[url=http://www.raidersonline.org/blog/2006/06/expansion-unlikely-for-los-angeles.html]http://www.raidersonline.org/blog/2006/ ... geles.html[/url]

That's okay- this is merely a guess on my part and I'm likely nuts. The 32 team schedule IS perfect and there's a lot of opposition to expansion. I think it may simply depend upon (and this sounds ghoulish) just how long Ralph Wilson is with us.

Tagliabue's 2004 plans to have a team in LA by '08 sure don't seem likely-

[url=http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-nfl29oct29,1,1447393.story?coll=la-utilities-sports]http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-nfl ... ies-sports[/url]
  • but continuing speculation on the expansion idea seemed to rest with Tagliabue himself rather than the owners. Goodell hasn't said that much in his tenure.

Nice reads Mark!


(Sarcasm not intended)!

Is CBS just going to stand by and let this happen? They have millions and millions invested in rites to broacast the AFC, and it is probably already killing them that they are stuck broadcasting every week a lame duck, non-competetive, small market team like Buffalo.
IF the Bills were moved to Toronto the interest for a Toronto Bills game would be even less then it already it is in the US. The would be forced to produce and broadcast a game that their sponsors and viewerers have no interest in. Toronto would also NEVER get a prime time game on ABC and ESPN, those games are reserved for big market teams.
As everyone knows, the CFL is a gate driven league, the NFL is a TV driven league.

Unless the structure of NFL broadcast rites change, the NFL will never come to Toronto.


Toronto brings nothing to the NFL table. Period. No additional revenue stream, no extra sponsor money-NOTHING. NFL is not gate driven, it is TV driven, and nobody in the US is going to tune in to see "The Toronto Americs", and to be completely honest, I just figured out that I don't really care. I guess I should stop now. LOL

There’s been NFL exhibition games played up here in the past, so that part of this story is no big deal. Also, over the next 16 (I believe) years as it stands every NFL team will be required to play one out of country regular season game - for the Bills to play in Toronto not only makes financial sense (even down to something like travel expenses) but would also ensure them a more or less home field advantage. As far as I’ve head that’s where the real story ends, the idea of them moving up here is just something the media has made up.

There’s also a lot to consider on the political front on this side of the border. From zoning to planning, to building a new stadium (which would almost certainly include the use of taxpayers money), it would create firestorm that I doubt many elected officials would want to deal with.

And on another note, with border security tightening up these days, and an increasing number of NFL players seemingly participting in criminal activities from drugs to gunfights it’s possible that teams might not get across the border with their rosters in tact (a minor concern, being that they’re coming north, but would we let a Mike Vick or Pacman Jones (if he gets convicted of anything), or a Jamal Lewis (a convicted coke dealer) into the country?)

The Toronto Bills....Duh. Hog Town should get a NHL hockey team first.

I think see the Same thing to Cleveland
The Name Browns stayed with the City.
I think Same thing would happen if Toronto got the Bills. And that’s a Big If…

Hmmm anyone Think of a Name?

The people that love the NFL so much can move to the US.

The CFL is our game and if some fellow Canadians can’t have a bit of respect for it and become an NFL fan then thats pretty crappy.

Of course there is more money and talent in the NFL but its ONLY because there are 30 teams and in a country with 10-12x the population of Canada.

The NFL will never come to Canada for all of the reasons listed above.
Just like Major League Baseball.


Ralph Wilson is a goof. Imagine renaming a football stadium after yourself when you're still alive. It would be akin to Harold Ballard renaming Maple Leaf Gardens, Harold Ballard Gardens!
I'm still convinced Ralph Wilson was the reason Doug Flutie was benched for the Music City Miracle game for the useless Rob Johnson. The footballs gods were not amused and the Bills haven't been back to the playoffs since. How's that for a new curse?

ps: this benching was done after Flutie helped Wilson raise private money for corporate boxes at Rich Stadium. Flutie spoke for the team and Wilson got his money, then Wilson returned the favour by benching him for the playoff game. Ralph Wilson is a goof.

Considering the fact that Rogers Centre has less seating capacity that Ralph Wilson Stadium I can not believe that an NFL team would move to a smaller facility.
How many people would pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket?