Ralph Wilson's a goof!

I was watching Bob McCown last night and he said that he'd heard an Ottawa expansion announcement was imminent and could be expected any day now!

Great news/gossip!

So, do you think all this hot air about the Bills invading Canada (a la 1812), for pre-season and regular season games will put a damper on a big announcement like that?

Or, do you think Ralph Wilson's posturing will cause any potential Ottawa suitors to second guess their future investment?

When Ralph Wilson dies, the team will be sold and I assure you the team will not be sold to investors bringing the team to Canada. First off they will be sold to American investors likely on the west coast. In order for the team to be sold to Canadian investors the other teams would have to approve the sales....and that ain't gonna happen.

The Ottawa prospective franchise announcement will have absolutly nothing to do with Bills/Wilson drama.

Glovesave, what if the Canadian investors offer millions more than American investors, and this could very well happen with the likes of the money Rogers and Tanenbaum have, regardless of where the American investors plan to move the team or keep it in Buffalo? In this case, Stephen Brunt is dead on, it's going to Toronto, highest bidder as Ralph isn't keeping the team in his family. This shouldn't be too difficult to see.

yes just Jim Basillie offered millions more for Nashville,and moved them to Hamilton..
oh wait...that didn't happen...


Should I know who that is?? lol

Different scenario with Balsillie and Nashville catfan. In the NHL you have a commish who doesn't want Hamilton. Whereas the NFL has to be looking at a market like Toronto which dwarfs Buffalo especially as Buffalo continues to become economically depressed. Toronto is in their NFL territory I believe which makes it even easier to move the team there. I think you'd have to be a fool to think the NFL doesn't want in a market as large as Toronto/Souther Ontario. They don't really care about the CFL, yes to some extent they do for goodwill and that and they don't want to do anything to hurt the CFL but they also want all of their franchises to be worth as much as possible, I would too if I was the NFL commish.

I think when the time comes, someone in the Western New York area will come up with mone for the Bills.

If not the franchise would move to an American city first. LA being the big player. Be assured the United States Congress would step into any move to Canada with some obscure trade ruling if LA wanted the team. Don't underestimate Pols looking for votes.

Ralph Wilson's a goof!
Or, do you think Ralph Wilson's posturing
Sorry- but this seems a bit uncalled for and... if I dare say it .... a touch paranoid.

I highly doubt that 89 yr. old Wilson is planning announcements that will purposely coincide with anyannouncements re an Ottawa CFL team. To be honest, since those announcements have been happening almost monthly this would preclude him ever investigating a Canadian option.

Also, it seems fairly clear that Wilson is listening an awful lot to his advisors who seem to be positioning the team for maximum current return and eventual sale value. Why call him a goof for that?

I REALLY don't like the NFL in Canada idea - and I'm not keen on even a game or two in Toronto because that will keep the local CFL bashers there stirred up- but I honestly am not sure on where your take on this idea is coming from.

Have you heard and confirmed specific statements of Mr. Wilson's?

Is there a reason why you believe that a properly executed business plan for holding a game or two in Toronto cannot be carried out? I'm still waiting for some clearer financial analysis from the experts.

Interesting times, huh?

The NFL is the biggest 'old boys' network in sports. Toronto doesn't have a shot to get a team before LA. LA is number one on the NFL's list. There is no additional revenue streams in Canada. No big TV money seeing how it is cheaper to purchase the rights for FOX, ESPN, etc. then to produce the show itself. Is there any additional Canadian corporate sponsors to tap??? No. 15,000 already make it down to Buffalo every game. Is a 30,000 - 40,000 person increase in a Canadian paid fan base worth it? Will Americans from Buffalo come up to Toronto the way the dollar is?

Too many questions not enough worth in additional revenue. LA is the place to be for the NFL.

I think that I agree with some of the writers on this one. L.A. is in line for the next expansion franchise. That deal has already had its handshake and looks to be around 3 years away- if I remember correctly.

The Bills would be a transfer of ownership which is the thing that opens the door somewhat. Loads of hurdles but a greater possibility.

I was listening to Bill Kelly on CHML this morning. He says that he is very worried that an NFL team in Toronto would destroy the entire CFL.

While I understand that its Kelly's job to be controversial in order to stimulate listenership on his show, and of course, that he is a former politician, who did a number of things I disagreed with, he may have a point.

If the Bill fold in Buffalo, (which I doubt) they will end up wherever it is most financially lucrative for the owners and the NFL and of course, with Ralph Wilson's advanced age, there is a good chance that he won't be the owner.

There are many details to come out yet on this issue and I will reserve judgment until they do.

Yes, and the key thing is for the CFL to be ready and anticipate anything on this matter, at least as much as they can be ready and anticipate. But yes, who knows what will happen.

I believe the small market agreement between the NFL owners and the stock holders of the green Bay Packers will tie a transfer of the Bills up in court for years. These owners approved a share sale to protect the Packers and its small market, I believe the Bills fans and the policital types of Western New York play this hand when push comes to shove.I am surprized this has not been considered.

Expansion wont happen. 16 game schedule 32 team...the NFL has the perfect set up. Relocation of existing teams is the only way another market will receive a team.

As an owner or potential owner of a NFL franchise the value of your team could potentially be worth 250 - 500 million dollars more in LA then in Toronto.

These owners approved a share sale to protect the Packers and its small market, I believe the Bills fans and the policital types of Western New York play this hand when push comes to shove.I am surprized this has not been considered.
Because one team is privately owned and the other is publicly owned.

Yes I understand that, but the agreement to protect small market teams will be played in the atempt to block a sale. Time will have to be allowed to put together a package offering a share holding. The only way around this would be to have Ralph Wilson move the team while he is still owner and then fight the court battle after that. Which may be what we are getting into now.

I highly doubt that 89 yr. old Wilson is planning announcements that will purposely coincide with any announcements re an Ottawa CFL team...
Wow Mark! Thanks for clearing that up! (sarcasm implied)

I didn't suggest the ol' bugger was sitting in his Orchard Park office, with his pinky to the corner of his mouth and a satellite image of Lansdowne Park on a huge big-screen TV... like Dr. Evil!

I'll bet he doesn't know what a Lansdowne is! or an Ottawa! Or a Rough Rider!

I asked a question...

"Would this scare away an Ottawa group?"

As for me calling Ralphie a goof - I'm sure a tonne of Western New Yorkers would agree with me!

It ain't paranoia if somebody IS out to get ya'!

PS .. if they move out of Buffalo in the middle of the night, ie Baltimore, they better not believe the US fans will flock to Toronto and buy tickets for the beloved Bills. There is a long long road to travel in this yet and in our live times ... I think not .. IMHO

The sale would have to be approved by the other govenors. With the NFL being a profit sharing league now Canadian owner would be able to increase the value of the american franchises. TV revenues and advertising revenues are what drives the incomes that is shared and no Canadian team could drive the type of revenue in those areas that would INCREASE the value of the other franchises and that is why you are likely to get very little support for the sale by the other owners and one of the most likely reasons this sale would never go through to a Canadian consortium.

We have to cut through all of this smoke.
The Bills want to milk Canadian fans to fill up the empty seats and boxes. So why not play a few games in Toronto?
That could then drive up the price for the Bills if the team is sold and could guarantee they stay in Buffalo.
And there’s lots more money for NFL teams south of the border than up here when the next franchise becomes available with LA being number 1.
So this move by Buffalo is more of a marketing move than anything else. It will be a pleasant diversion for a game or two in Toronto. The Argo’s won’t fold because of it, neither will the Tiger-Cats and whatever is going on in Ottawa will still go on.
Look for closer ties between the CFL and NFL in the future but I don’t think the NFL wants to OK a team in Canada right now…or anytime in the future.
The chance to make big money from owning an NFL team, which is more important than finding the money to buy a team, is still in the US.

Oski Wee Wee.