I have noticed that the Stamps are a great team but they have a GLARING weakness and that is vs physical teams--

Brett RALPH is a receiver that can be physically intimidated. When he is facing any contact he will drop the ball and after he dropped that wide open pass in the end zone he was visibly rattled on the sidelines. Burris went back to him the next drive and a hamilton linebacker was near him and the ball bounced off RALPHS chest like a pinball machine..

The game vs Winnipeg it was Ralph's drops that cost them in that game also. What I fear for Stamps fans is that if they play SASK in the playoffs, the db's of SASK will just mentally abuse him and get in his head and he will drop more passes---

Okay now why the hell are the Stamps calling plays to JOHN CORNISH? This guy seriously is an absolute disgrace to the sport of football. He can't catch at all and is terrible..

Now not only did he drop 2 very catchable passes from Burris on 2nd and 1, both times a player was coming but the pass was like 2 yards thrown to him..

ALso at Edmonton on a critical 2nd and 1 they ran the exact same play to CORNISH who was wide open and dropped the ball, he would ahve scored a TD-- Does anyone remember that DROP??

Its a disgrace to watch supposed professional players dropping every other pass like its some kind of mickey mouse league--

Time for Stamps to bring in some tougher players who can catch--

The Cornish drop vs Edmonton was in teh first game at Edmonton, CGy was driving late and did the exact same play and CORNISH dropped it and he was wide open and would have scored--

I dont like this player at all, when you drop 1 yard passes, why are you in teh game? ANd also they call his numbers at the most critical times and he drops the ball all the time--

3 drops on 3 one yard passes is enough IMO to be benched and bring someone else who can catch---


summers is on the injured list, and if you saw the drop with cornish, that read is up to burris to make. and if you saw reynolds on that play, he would have had that yard and much much more. its not the coaches calling his number its burris. but he needs to be cut right off the roster for sure

Agreed and that is 3 drops in KEY situations, IF he makes the catch vs EDM they win that game---

I dont know if they win today but his DROP was critical because they settled for the fgoal which Deangelo missed anyway--

IF they could have moved the chains they might have scored a TD--

If i am JOHN CORNISH and I see one or two passes a game I would make sure I catch the ball-- He is not a good player, since he is dropping 50% of the passes thrown to him--

ya he needs to be kept on the special teams roster if at all. hes not bad at getting down the field and making tackles but not at running this ball. he had one good game and now they think he is able to repeat. not the case. he has no hands…and ryan is the same, what a waste of roster space

Ralph is usually a solid receiver but seems to have dropped off bigtime this season because of RAMBO being injured. When RAMBO was playing he drew double coverage and the safety leaned his way--

THe result was the wide side long out was OPEN as teams would play ZONE and leave ralph open on the wide HOOK---

Now teams are covering RALPH and taking his short game away, he has the speed to go DEEP but dropped them today, he is usually pretty good hands, but when he DROPS balls, he doesent drop them, the ball explodes off his hands or chest like a GRENADE< his drops are not pretty--
I am still not sure how he dropped that easy TD- that is a catch that puts CGY up 11 and you are wide open and its a perfect throw-

Cornish stinks, he cant catch, end of story for him--

RYAN was supposed to replace RAMBO, but he reminds me of an Oklaand raider player, has some speed but pretty much no football talent, Fumbles when touched, cant catch well--

That is RYAN for you, he is just not a good receiver and will fumble once a game---

THey should try Jermaine jackson and as many new receivers as possible and maybe give NIK lewis some time to heal, give him a few weeks off--

jackson had 2 tds in his opening game against bc when rambo went down. and your more than right about the others. cornish is at best a special teams player on kickoff and punt, ryan drops and fumbles more balls than he catches. what about howell you see him maybe once a game. they need a better rotation at reciever, for being so deep at the position they play like they are limited by it

3 words regarding dropsies...don't forget Thelwell.

ralph isnt a newbie...he has proven already he can play this role...so know he needs to do it. there is no more hand holding for him

Arjei Franklin will help you guys, big time. Ralph was awful against Ham. He looked like a seal on that one ball that he dropped in the endzone.