Rally Towels

We getting towels, if so let's make sure we have enough for everyone!

Mo Man's video at the game said were getting them.
I love the way the towels look but I really would prefer something that makes noise lol

Thunder Sticks would be better !!!

No way man... Thundersticks make the place sound like a Japanese baseball game. At least the towels get everyone wound up and using their lungs. Put me in the towel camp!!

That only works if people actually get up and scream though.
Id much rather stand up and yell than bang two sticks together but I know there are a ton of people that just wont yell so the sticks are better for them.

Just wear nice big gloves and clap. You get a nice sounding thud. Less annoying. Much more effective.

Do the cats sell a bell?
I always see people with little yellow bells in the stands but I cant find it on the store website.
If they do sell these they would be a perfect game day special!

Hopefully they are all gold/yellow this year, its more visible seeing as people tend to wear more black.

There's this, but it's not yellow,

[url=http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?productid=876&cat=126&page=1]http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?prod ... 126&page=1[/url]

I've also seen a few people with these,

[url=http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?productid=867&cat=126&page=1]http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?prod ... 126&page=1[/url]

Then there's the good ol' plastic horn for only $6.

not sure how I missed those lol
does anyone have one, are they loud?

I've used one, totally loud and effective.Gave it away though because I wanted the noisemaker more and I LOVE it.

Well I hope the cats advertise these as the game day special.
I want this place as loud as possible on Sunday!

And there's always tradition!


That looks nice but it wont make much noise lol

I still have my towel from last year's game. I was planning on bringing it. But I hope we get new ones too. I love anything with a Ti-Cat logo on it.