Rally to keep the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton

I would like to start a rally that would start at city hall and march to Ivor wynne and back to city hall! I think its about time for some action, instead of words!
I have no experience in putting one of these together! But id like some imput on if you think this a good plan!
I can always just post a date and hope there are a lot of people that show up!
We can all post it on our facebook pages and ill post it on the CHCH new page etc!

Keep the Cats in Hamilton
141 year tradition!

Maybe the day of the next home game, Labour Day, people can meet for a bit in front of city hall for a "tailgate" party. :wink:

[url=http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiger-Cats-To-Stay-in-Hamilton/144296132267257#!/group.php?gid=150717578274533]http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiger-Cat ... 7578274533[/url]

I1notice a rally group that has started on facebook

Just make sure that those involved are orderly and direct their disgust with council. :thup:

yes lets meet 10am city hall labour day we can do our thing and then march together arm and arm to ivor wynne for the game!

Any interest in having a rally at city hall next Saturday August 21st? I have never organized anything like this but offer the following thoughts.

1.) We need an advertising plan which includes social media, radio, print and TV
2.) We will need a speaker/microphone, maybe a podium or something so people can see a powerful speaker (which is something else we need)
3.) We need some "celebrity" attendance to assist in promotion
4.) We need a table for people to sign a petition
5.) We need to develop a FAQ as response to why we are doing this
6.) We need some volunteers to help organize
7.) We will need to clean after the event
8.) Do we need a license for something like this?
9.) what about porta-potties?

Can anyone thing of anything else?

Burlington City Hall in support of the Aldershot site? :lol:

Somebody else is planning one at City hall before the Labour Day Game
and another at Pier 8 , chewbacca1973...check these two out first.

[i]As you may know the TI-Cats are now in trouble of losing their franchise.

a team with a lot of history in the CFL needs help

don't let what happened with Ottawa happen to Hamilton.

Please help support us. the link to the group is

[url=http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=146562378695179&ref=ts]http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1 ... 179&ref=ts[/url]

we are also planning a rally


Cory Kroes

I believe it would be more advantageous to have the rally prior to the final vote for the PanAm Stadium/Games. The reason for this is imo, on Labour Day no politicians will be at work (I know!!! Do they really???). There may be a little publicity, but I believe we can get more pressure on City Hall prior to the final commitment. Chewbaca1973 is on the right path,any ideas on how to get this rolling?

IMO, we can't wait. If we do, we run the risk of losing the Panam games, which is not something we should allows. This rally will be to voice our displeasure with the process city council has used in selecting the WH site as well as there handling of negotiations with the ticats.

Why would you use labour day? Since none of city council will even be there it seems like that really won't get the point across. I would say it needs to be done a weekday with everyone present.

I'm curious why both rallies appear to be directed at Bob Young, (one more than the other) and appear to just want to pressure him to keep the team here at all costs?
Do we want the team to stay here no matter what kind of deal the city offers? or do we want the city to totaly drop the current WH/stadium proposal and start looking at other options or alternatives?
If I'm a member of council I can easily read into these rally descriptions that the organizers just want Bob to cave and start packing for the west harbor, which I'd hope isn't the case.(and don't believe it is)
These are Hamilton council members and they'll twist it anyway possible to re-enforce their stance.

[b]We the fans want the Tiger Cats ownership to know we are committed to keeping the cats in Hamilton. It is OUR team and must stay here! Hamilton has the BEST FANS anywhere. Lets let the city fathers know our feelings and lets get the word out!

This is not a statement of what stadium location is best but it will be a statement from all Hamiltonians to Bob Young that we love our Tiger Cats and want the team to stay right here in Hamilton!!![/b]

Nothing but respect for the organizers of both rallies but what are our demands? That the team remains even if it continues to hemorrhage money? or that the City at least gives the team a fighting chance by re-addressing their location choices?

sorry as long as this version city Hall is place nothing well change
It why I will not support any Rally at this Time
What good it when City hall is Blind and Deaf.
You best Chance is vote these guy out in OCT.
Only then I Will Support a Hamilton Stadium Effort .

Change has to Come at Hamilton City Hall Before it come for our Ticats.

Let's pack the place, as much as we can.

[url=http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocalGeneral/Story.aspx?ID=1266341]http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/New ... ID=1266341[/url]

Can somebody please cancel this rally for tomorrow night...
This is going to be an epic fail and people are just going to use this and say see no one cares about the Tiger - Cats.

We need to give people notice, we need to have this on a weekend so people are available.
If the turnout isn't huge there is no point.

Agree, additionally people need to know who the organizers are to avoid attending a rally for something they oppose

Thats true, I never really though of that.
If i did stop by to one of these things and it turned into a west harbor rally let me tell you it would get ugly...

8) You're right, for sure !!
 A small turnout, will just be laughed at.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Let's keep rallying going to the games with as many people as possible then, more effective.

Lets start the first rally at Jack Astor's, 133 John Street in Toronto between 5:00 and 6:30 Meet Bob Young.