Rally Caps

First off I want to say that yes I am as disappointed as the rest of you about this season. We have all been pretty hard on the team this year, a lot of it justified.

I think we all agree that we REALLY want to WIN the Labour Day game against the argos.

The team morale must be at an all time low right now. They only have each other to turn to for support.

So here is my suggestion. Next game lets not help support the argos by booing our team. Lets show our team that we still support them.

I believe that if the majority of the fans in the stands all wear their ball caps backwards, also known as rally caps, our team will be so overwhelmed by the support that they will play their best game of the year and kick the argos butt. SO EVRYONE, get off their back for at least one game and put on a rally cap :slight_smile: :cowboy:

I'll have my cap and my paper bag ready. Hopefully the cap fits over the paper bag :wink:

Where can you get paper bags these days though? maybe the new small size bags they are selling for the green boxes?

8) GOOD ONE !!!!! :lol: :lol:

I don't like the sun in my eyes... so I'm wearing my hat the right way.

I NEVER boo the home team - that just doesn't sit right with me.

They've got this crazy Wear White idea going that they want us to follow, so I'll go for that. On the weekend I'll be out shopping for a white pashmina. I think it could get cold that evening. I think it's an odd thing for them to ask us to do, but hey... I can use the pashmina other times too.

I definitely agree with the idea of showing OUR TEAM some support. BOO THE ARGOS INSTEAD!

... sorry... no rally cap for me... looks bad with my hair style too.

[quote="Earl"]Where can you get paper bags these days though? quote]


of course, there's a picture of the colonel on one side......

You can count on me cheering for the Ti-Cats this Monday from Alberta!!