Rally Caps, Paper Bags, Booing Off The Field

This is insane !!! I will be the first one to admit I have been VERY frustrated this season, and the Front Office had better sit up and get nervous. Firing Marshall, Paopao etc is not the answer. The poor little Dutch Boy has no more fingers to plug up the damn people. A new GM isn't gonna do it, an interm Coach isn't gonna do it. On paper this team should be at least a game or two above 500. In the few games at home I have been too ( with exception of July 14) these players are not playing. What happened to that team? Where did they go? I have always tried not to pinpoint individual performances. But it starts from the top down.
There is something missing this year, and it is hard to put your finger on it. It is not any one thing but many.
There is no intensity, no passion. NO PRIDE
The front office maybe well oiled but football operations are as in much dissary as it was before the Bob Young Company. Don't get me wrong, boys, I love the improvments to IWS and the general atmosphere is much nicer at the Stadium. But putting butts in the seats is not the be all end all and unfortunitly the Front Office is going to get a rude awakaning come Season Ticket Renewal Time with all those people who signed up for the 3 year deal.
All I know is this, I am here till the end !! This team is as much a part of me as breathing. I was there as a kid after 72' and watched a major downfall, I certainly was there in the 80's and enjoyed probably one of the best teams since the 60's/ 72. I was there in tears in the 90's when players had to endure dirty uniforms between practices and Subs for food. And I will be here now just please Mr. Young find a good FOOTBALL person who knows FOOTBALL to help you out here. We lost Tillman, don't let another football guy get away.

Ok boys it is now up to you !! The next game is Labour Day !! Of course I want to win, but, as long as there is a battle to end all battles I will take what ever happens. I want to see effort, I want to see PASSION, I want to see HEART. The one thing I feel that makes CFL players better than NFL players is their heart. There is not big money in the CFL and the players here play for the passion and the love of this game. Do that and you will be successful !!! I promise.