Rally at Portage & Main

For those of you who don't visit the official Bombers site, a number of fans have organized a rally that will be held at Portage & Main on Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30. The purpose of the rally is to support the Bombers and the Blue Out. When the Bombers office was told about the rally, they volunteered the services of Buzz and Boomer. And now, during a Q & A session today, Siddeeq Shabazz said he was going to bring some of the players to join the fans too. If you want to join the rally, everyone will be meeting up outside the Richardson Building. See you there!

Slight correction, I meant the official Bombers forum, not the Bombers website.

Just heard Randy Bachman and son are coming in for the rally, wish I could be there!!! Go Bombers

That's awesome!!! GO BLUE!

You don't have to be there for the entire time so if you work until 4:30 just stop by after work. Hope to see you there.

Where did you hear that? No one I've talked to has heard anything about Randy Bachman being there.

Sorry, I thought it might make for a bigger crowd if I threw that in :oops:

The fans at the rally were already waving Bomber flags and making plenty of noise when I got there at 3:30. It was a decent turnout considering most people are still at work or school when it started. Lots of response from the traffic going by. All of the media were there during the first 45 minutes of the rally so there should be lots of publicity. Buzz and Boomer were there for about an hour and I got a nice picture of each with my daughter. Coach Kelly stopped by for a few minutes to say thanks to everyone. Siddeeq Shabazz was there with his wife and kids for a while as well as Aaron Hargreaves. It was a lot of fun.

Was BTO there, or was it just Randy and his son :lol: Kidding! Seriously sounds like a good turnout, good for those who showed up :thup:

There was another player there but I didn't know who he was. :oops: I've now found out it was Dante Luciani, a receiver on our PR.

You mean the fans put on a team rally and are trying to put a booster club together and you had a grand total of 3 guys out of 60 some show up ? :?

It wasn't a team rally. It was a rally by fans to promote the game. Do you really think we would hold a team rally outside on a sidewalk at Portage & Main? :roll:

We should have a lynching at Portage & Main--Bauer, Kelly and Bishop!


should have been Blow out rally :wink:

Second thought, that would be a waste of good rope. Maybe they'll take the 670,000 hints and just go away :wink:

Why do you care? your not a Bomber fan . No matter what happens next year , everybody knows your not a Bomber fan !