rally at city hall?

I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile having a huge rally while city council is in voting on the stadium site and giving them a piece of our minds. It would be nice to be present when they vacate the building also and let them here us. I've never felt so let down by this city! :cowboy:

Is the vote tomorrow? If so I'll be there. what time is it at?

Meetings start at 930am, I will be there!!

We need to make this official, who else will be there? I don't want to come all the way from Oakville and be the only one there.

Dont worry about that, your be lucky to get a seat.

We need to give these totally inept councillors a piece of our minds. We have to let them know that their names will forever be etched in stone as the inept crew that drove 141 yr old team..a legend from this city! Let them know that they will have to sleep with this for the rest of their lives. :cowboy:

They got hear from Ton People there what be vote till the evening

Count me in.

Good idea! give our beloved mayor a rude awakening that his pigheaded tactics will drive out our beloved black and gold :cry: First we lose a NHL team now our Ticats :thdn:

I'm on vacation so I definitely will be there.

I want to see how my Ward 7 "representative" votes. If it is to kick the Cats out of Hamilton I will do my best to make sure he loses in this fall's election. I will contribute to the campaign of whoever I think has the best chance to beat him as well as vote for that person (many times if only it were possible, lol).

They are going to need a LOT of seats for this meeting tomorrow, I don't know where they're going to put all thos-- Hey! Maybe they should build a stadium!!

And they can vote to build it either at the West Harbour.... or York University :roll:

Eh, they could just follow the TiCats' lead and hold council out of Ivor Wynne until the end of the 2011 season....

What's the address of city hall?

71 Main Street West @ Bay


I guess there's no chance of this being televised on Cable 14 or CH ?

75,000,000.00 to upgrade the city hall - Hay Fred there's your stadium money.

buckwheat: The city has done a poor job for sure…but they are not the one’s who pulled out of the Pan-Am deal before the vote is taken.
But good luck with the rally.

For 75 million, couldn't they have made city hall look less...I don't know...70s?