Rakeem Cato Released???

They are not in a huge rush to sign existing players. After all this has been a losing team for awhile. Don’t get excited by re-signings.

Could wannabe Jagr looking mullet guy actually be our 3rd qb? :roll:

With Cato, I always found it odd that nobody professionally involved in the CFL ever praised his QB skills or thought he was the future. For example a few weeks ago, Davis Sanchez completely ignored Cato went as far as naming Crompton as the 3rd QB. No offense intended, but the only ones that were bullish on Cato were a handful of fans.

Sure Cato lacked physical, mental, and emotional maturity, but I thought his relatively small contract would be a factor in his returning in 2017. In my opinion, his biggest obstacle going forward is the mental part. With his stature, Cato has to be smarter than everybody else.

Michael Bamiro to me was the more surprising release as the Als now have no RT candidates remaining on the roster unless it's Jacob Ruby. I am worried that the OL will be in serious trouble if David Foucault does not sign.

On November 17,2016, the Als added Int. OL Patrick Colbert from Baylor. He has not been added to the off-season roster. In early December 2016, Joey Abrams confirmed to me-via e- mail-that Colbert was with the Als,although not reflected on roster. Unless he has seen been released, I presume that he is still a member of the Als.


What did people think was going to happen when Durant signed here?

We just cut the QB with the best arm on the team – and yes, that includes Durant – but kept Crapton, the 31-year-old chuck-and-ducker who can’t even hit a goddamn swing pass in the flat 75% of the time, who is very, very good at spouting BComs cliché as he deflects blame from himself to everyone else, and who costs substantially more against the cap. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

You can teach patience and mental focus. You can’t teach talent. It is appalling to me that Jonathan Crompton is still on the roster and Rakeem Cato is not (and by now, the injury issue should be well in the past). Cato can hit every fricking throw to every corner of the field with ease but we’re keeping the over-30 pylon who is good for one thing and one thing only: chucking post balls up to 6’2" receivers and praying they win the jump-ball contest.

I hope someone told Chapdelaine that his '90s style vertical offense will do little but get his starting QB killed in week three at the outside.

Signing Durant was a mistake.

Releasing Cato was another.

The future looks .... Bleak.

That remains to be proven! :cowboy:

[i]If you release Cato, but keep the useless stiff Jonathan "Crapton" Crompton on the roster, you must donate your brain to science for extensive study!

Unbelievable! What has that useless no talent hack, with the Kentucky waterfall haircut done to remain on the roster?

This stinks. Is he remaining on the roster for other reasons besides his (lack of) talent?[/i]

[i]So as our number 1 QB, we now have a serviceable, decent QB in Durant who could be good for 2 or 3 more seasons, provided he does not get injured. Either way, he won't tear up the league.

As our number 2, we have the kid Adams with the pea shooter for an arm.

At number 3, we have "chuck and duck" Crapton.

Yeah... [/i]

This is typical CFL bs. Just a head coach who can’t be bothered. His team…

I suspect Cato won’t be signing with a CFL team for a couple months. He’s going to try his NFL dream before signing with a team.

At 25, Cato has a golden arm but lacks maturity and patience. Why the goddamn eff are we paying any of those coaches if they can't coach him up? If you're a coach, you're supposed to be a teacher. And the real test of teaching is working with someone who may need more help in a given area than average. These guys are just looking for someone they don't have to groom at all. Lazy and judgmental. They write a kid off at age 25 but hang on to the aging pylon because he speaks in nice white cliché to the media.

Also lost in this is Bamiro's release, which is surprising because the line seemed to be that we were going to start an American at LT. We'll have to see how this plays out.

Que les Alouettes garderaient Cato jusqu'à ce que Crompton soit déclaré valide et qu'il soit libéré.

Si Cato ne figurait pas dans les plans de l'équipe comme quart #2, il aurait été un excellent #3. Si Durant est fini pour la saison dans la première demie de la première partie de 2017 et qu'Adams subit le même sort sur le jeu suivant, les Alouettes se rappelleront ce que c'est de ne pas avoir un #3 qui peut compléter des passes, et faire TOUTES les passes.

Sans prédire une répétition du scénario catastrophe de 2015, je dis simplement que si Durant tombe au combat tôt dans la saison, je ne suis pas convaincu qu'Adams va se révéler meilleur que Cato. Si hélas ce jour arrivait, on aurait de sérieuses questions à se poser sur la façon dont les bonzes des Alouettes évaluent le talent.

Je suis peiné de la décision de libérer Cato. Comment Reed et Chapdelaine peuvent conclure que de Cato ou Adams, ce dernier seul pourrait émerger comme partant sort de mon entendement. À ce moment-ci, je ne vois pas un partant en Vernon Adams et ce sera à lui de prouver que j'ai tort à son sujet. Je n'étais pas encore convaincu au sujet de Cato, mais il avait des qualités de passeur indéniables et le moindrement que quelqu'un avait eu le génie de monter une attaque pour ses qualités, il aurait pu éclore également. Ça demeurait aussi à prouver, mais c'était possible car il n'a que 25 ans.

Si Durant s'avère aussi bon que Glenn l'an dernier, j'ai l'impression que Chapdelaine pourrait s'en mordre les pouces. Donnez un peu plus de film aux autres équipes sur Adams et il pourrait s'avérer un pétard mouillé. Je concours avec D&P en disant qu'il est plus facile de faire maturer un jeune de 25 ans que d'apprendre la puissance et la précision à un gars du même âge qui ne les a pas.

J'espère qu'ils savent ce qu'ils font, mais j'ai l'impression que Cato pourrait revenir les hanter si on lui en donne la chance.

This team has no idea what it is right now.

They aren't rebuilding, they aren't working with the young QBs, they go ahead and get Durant thinking that they are one piece away from being a grey cup team.

When Durant retires in 2-3 years either due to age or injuries, the Als will be no closer to finding a long term solution at the QB position and even further behind on rebuilding.

Durant, Adams, Crompton.

No Cato.

Excuse me, the Impact are selling season tickets.

Sad but true.

I wouldn't for a second make the assumption that Crompton will be retained as #3.
A lot can happen between now and end of camp.

I still think that SOME trust be placed on professional coaches with long careers in the CFL who have decided that Cato is not wanted on this team. These reasons must go beyond the field. Reasons that are not and probably will not be shared with the fans. For some reason Cato has never been embraced by this organization. And Calvillo, who we all agree knows something about this position, must be on board.

I agree. Chapdelaine has been waiting over 20 years for his opportunity so he's putting himself first and I get that as well.

But what logic prevails if, your position holds, would JC release a good QB?? I don't follow. How does the release of Cato help JC put himself first?
I know I'm banned for you but maybe someone can ask that.