Rakeem Cato Released???

According to Gary Lawless.

I just saw this,
gary lawlessVerified account
hearing @MTLAlouettes have released QB Rakeem Cato #cfl @cfl

I can see Cato being picked up by someone he still has something to offer .

Holy moley...
Does anyone think he could coexist with Carter in Regina? Or is he TO bound.

He will definitely show up somewhere.

Maybe Calgary? With Tate traded to Sask?

The Als inner circle really must not like something about this guy!

Team has just formally announced that Rakeem Cato, Shane Carden, and Michael Bamiro have been released.

[i]Phoque this! Unbelievable!

Is it too late to hire Sunderland as GM?

Johnny is real close to giving up on this team. :thdn: [/i]

They released Cato but kept Crapton on the roster. Unbelievable.

I didn't think we had farther to fall but evidently I was wrong.

I am very close to being done with this team. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Cato and Duron Carter buddy up in SSK! :lol:

Yup. And then they come to Montreal and whip our arses!

Well I’m guessing that they know far more about this fellow than we do. Just getting rid of the drama around this team I bet. Like cleaning up the basement.

And on another note it was perhaps telling that Popp wouldn’t watch film. Kind of hard to grade players without that accepted practice. Probably why they kept the O-line never changing.

-Rod Pedersen: Riders will NOT be pursuing his services.

-Derek Taylor: Hopefully there's a lot of people who can say "Nope, no Cato for us." He's not good enough.

-Rick Moffat: At least one more shoe drops before Alouettes open CFL FA sweepstakes next week.?

Don’t think they can release Crompton until he passes a physical (or did he do so at the end of last season?).

Kaaavvviiiisss !!!!!!

Unless ownership dictated that Adams be kept because of the traded pick, neither JC nor KR have any reason to keep him over Cato except they think Adams is better. Now why either had to go is a bit of a mystery unless there are details we aren't aware of (e.g., notable salary bump for Rakeem this season and he wouldn't re-work the deal).

Cato certainly looked like he had potential ...... it will be interesting to see if anyone picks him up and whether he has any success there.

I was disappointed with Cato's release. In his first season with team I thought he had an attitude problem but he did appear a winner in a couple of games. Last season I thought this was improved. His skill as a passer has to be noted. The long huge pass late in the season into Cunningham's hands showed a great touch on the ball. He still requires development and, game time. I believe he will be picked up bu another team.

Am I the only person out here that thinks that Adams was better than Cato, and without all the drama?

We all would like Cato to succeed because of the rough upbringing, but I cant say he came across as being a future elite CFL QB, particularly the temperament. I also remember a red zone interception in the BC game. Im going to trust Chapdelaine and Calvillo on this one.

We will get a more definitive answer should another CFL team pick him up.

It`s time for Kavis and his trusted sidekick to start signing players and not just releasing them. Free agency about a week away and there has not been very much progress.

Yeah I would trust the inner circle on Cato release. No question. Regardless of who picks him up. These are not idiots.