Raising funds for WH remediation and green space

Trust me $100K would be a huge contribution from everyday citizens. The public relations would be priceless and I'm sure there would be plenty of corporate support to make this a great day. I'd be honoured to participate on any level and willing to put up a cash donation. I'm sure many others would as well. It could be a really feel good day for the city

I was thinking more about helping to combat the negative perceptions of that area by waving the Ticat flag there and trying to bring people there to show the area for what it is and not what some people think it is. You're right though, the money raised would be a pittance compared to the costs of re-mediation. Perhaps it can go to a local charity?

All in all I think it would be nice to see the Cats do more things down town. They have events in London, Burlington, Brantford etc. and post game stuff in Stoney Creek but only the occasional street party at 1 Jarvis. I know its about brand building but how about a lil love back to the people that supported them from since 1869?

That's a good idea Earl. I don't know who or how we can manage the logistics but I think it would be hard for Mayor Fred to balk at Ti-Cat fans raising money towards helping out the site, where the stadium might not be built, or help the harbour in general at the Randle Reef. I can see not wanting to fork over the money to the city, but I'm sure these folks could make good use of the money.


Maybe make a big presence at the upcoming Fishing Derby. A whole bunch of Ti-Cat fans roving around selling soft drinks, popcorn, chips and such and donating the proceeds to West Harbour Remediation or the Bay Restoration council?


Here's also another idea, we make some teams of four for 9 holes of Golf and play some best ball games amongst Ti-Cat fans. I'm terrible at golf, and don't really like the sport but if it's for a good cause, and I could convince a buddy to come, it could be good.

Lloyd's Register's Golf Tournament

Date:Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Rock Chapel Golf Centre, 167 Hwy #5 West, Dundas. Click here for map.
Cost: Depends on how many holes of golf you wish to play!
For more info: Please contact Kiley at lrgriffin@lr.org or:: 905-631-9420

As part of LR's ongoing partnership with BARC, they are hosting a Golf Tournament Fundraiser in support of BARC. To view the full invitation, please click here. Lots of prizes, a delicious BBQ dinner and silent auction are some of the highlights!

How about somebody slapping an entertainment precinct like this down there?

[url=http://www.artpark.net/content/pages/directions-and-parking]http://www.artpark.net/content/pages/di ... nd-parking[/url]

Putting it near the waterfront may appease the neighbours

but where would additional parking be for peak times?


The parking is cheap too. What a concept!

Maybe some of the 50/50 draw money can be donated each game???