looks like its going to rain right at 4 all the way till like 11.. thats kinda sad. i was looking forward to a good game, now its anybody's ball game


well that's probably a good thing for us then.....

and i don't care, i sit under the press box. :smiley:

finally some football weather :smiley:

yea but we need mud to make it real football...all those clean jerseys just don't seem right

oh its good scottish weather, the rains fallin straight down,

and kinda sideways too...

this should be good for us we have 3 amazing running backs dressed up for this game. and our oline has been getting better each game.

ya, three great backs ... lets see the wishbone !

A look at the weather radar says the rain should be on and off most of the game. We should get some dry periods.
Just leaving for the game now.
Going you TiCats!!!!

Nothing like Getting Soaked...
Good Thing I had a Change of Clothes in The Car.

I prefer getting "soaked" by the application of Bombay Sapphire gin, Noiley Pratt vermouth, and olives.