Rain could washout TV coverage of Cats game

Alan, out east the BC toronto game went live with 9 minutes remaining in the first quarter. And that was a Friday night (day 2 of the golf). That's unlikely to happen on the final day of the golf...

CBC forced the Blue Jays on all of Canada and left the CFL out during the summer and I will never forget that decision by that network. They were not proactive to support the CFL when the times were tough during the 90's and the "baseball craze", well the craze of the Blue Jays in a small part of Canada geographically.

Hey guys,

If TSN's final round coverage of the PGA Championships happens to extend beyond 7:00pm, coverage of the Tiger-Cats/Roughriders game will begin on TSN 2. If this occurs, the broadcast of tonight's game will move to TSN upon completion of the PGA Championship.

That really stinks. I happen to have TSN2,but it is not a part of basic cable. You would think that since they promote themselves as the exclusive carrier of the CFL like it's a big deal and then go and put GOLF on instead of football. What's next? Poker championships taking the spot of the Grey Cup? Sheesh.

But why all the negative comments about what COULD happen with TSN, why don't you criticize if it actually happens tonight! They do a pretty good job, maybe we could blame the CFL for scheduling a game the same day as the US open. It does put TSN in a bad position, do you think they would actually cut away when Tiger is putting for the championship??

As of 3:30 there still rain in the forcast along with wind.

Considering what the Cats played in last week this should be OK to go from our side. Then maybe there will be a rain delay and TSN will catch up.

Again there is 900 and Y108 to keep us informed.

I live on Hamilton mountain (Stonechurch/Upper Wellington area) and have sourcecable. In my case, does anyone know if I even get TSN2, and what channel it would be on my TV? I'm pretty sure I don't have it, but not certain.

Also, if I don't have TSN2, will the game be streamed live on the Internet anywhere? (TSN.ca?)

They just announced on TSN that if the golf does go late the game will be on TSN2.

You should give your cable company a call to find out if you get TSN 2 and what channel it would be on.

Actually the schedule is dictated by TSN so any scheduling issues are on them.

They have confirmed though that the game will be on TSN2 if golf runs over.

So what is it that everyone is complaining about? lol

That is disgraceful. I don't give a flying fig about Tiger Woods or any other Golf related stuff. I'm at my sister's house and she does not get TSN2 so I suppose I'll watch paint dry instead of watching golf. I'm sure I'd find that equally exciting. The CFL really needs to do something about this. Missing almost the entire first quarter of the blue team game is unacceptable. That's what happens when you allow a monopoly.

Yes, its too bad. Especially when the Golf is also on NBC and almost anyone in southern Ont has access to NBC even without cable!! You can't pick up TSN without cable or satellite.


  1. Order TSN 2
  2. Listen to the first quarter on the radio
  3. Follow the first quarter on the game tracker thing on cfl.ca
  4. Be patient. watching 3 of 4 quarters isn't all bad.
  5. Relax.

Or maybe the Golf will finish as 7

They're on the 14th hole with an hour to go, so it's looking very good.

Why do they keep saying Yang will be the first Asian to win a major?
What's Vijay Singh? Welsh? :roll:

will it end by or before 7?

When most people say Asian they think oriental people not anyone from a nation in Asia. I do agree that it is a bit ignorant of them though.

Singh is from Fiji and of Indian descent which makes him about as asian as one could possibly be.