Rain could washout TV coverage of Cats game

TSN is showing 7 hours of PGA golf Sunday, scheduled to end at 7:00 pm eastern. With good weather, there is a 50-50 chance the golf will be finished by kickoff time. However, the weather forecast in Minnisota is calling for rain and thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon. Translation...a rain delay will push the golf coverage into extra time, perhaps by as much as 2 hours. Based upon previous TSN decisions re golf vs football, it seems probable they will stay with the Tiger Woods show.

I don't that will happen they move Golf to TSN II

Likely. the pregame panel will be moved to TSN2. The game may start on TSN2 and then be shifted to TSN once the golf is over (depending on sudden-death playoffs, sacrifice ceremonies on the Altar of Tiger, etc.) since it is a major championship.


After last night, I'm scared. I don't trust TSN to do the right thing.

Yea for 900 and Y108.

Coverage here is as good as the visual.

The golf will stay on TSN until Woods makes his final shot...

I hope the game doesn't get Heidied. :o

Well, they would be in a playoff in the PGA in the dark in that case. LMAO The Heidi Game was a pre-emption late in the Jets-Raiders game on November 17, 1968.


Quite a moment in AFL history. :wink:

We might have a TSN2 start, but the main network should have the bulk of the game. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


This is what will probably happen, they'll move the beginning to TSN2... or if they have to, all of it.

Having said that, it IS a PGA Major Championship and if Tiger isnt running away with it its going to bring in HUGE ratings.... so i cant blame them for sticking with Golf. This is exactly why they brought TSN2 to us, and all Hamilton providers have TSN2 now.

Trust in TSN. They have two channels now, they won't let us down.

Problem: TSN2 has live coverage of the Canada Summer Games scheduled for 6-8pm.

8) All the more reason to hate golf even more !!!

TSN can be pretty second rate at times and they have let us down before and will again. No channel in Canada messes up more than TSN.

if this happens,why doesn't TSN do the 'right' thing and have a message at the bottom of the screen that the PGA Championship can be seen on CBS after 7:00 DUE TO CFL COVERAGE,,simple solution....isn't it???

I know Ticat fans in this area will be outraged but imagine a whole province outraged at TSN!


They are junk.

The CFL Made Mistake Giving Exclusive rights to TSN to Cover the league.
There had to be other Options

I'm frustrated with the way TSN handles scheduling now that they have an exclusive. It is routine for games to start before the TV coverage kicks in (double headers scheduled too close, other events etc). But I also remember the days when there were multiple broadcast partners, and in those days it was not unusual for a number of games to have no TV coverage at all. TSN carry's all the games, and as a remote fan I thank them for that. I just wish the league would work harder on scheduling to reduce the number of games that get reduced coverage. Its all about $$$ and scheduling. As an example, the game tonight should have been scheduled to start at 7 or 8 Saskatchewan time. Or...this could have been a bye week for 2 or 4 teams, given TSN's committment to Golf and this being a MAJOR. Same thing with all those back to back doubleheaders. Allowing less than 3 hours to complete the first game is just poor planning. Why not schedule the kickoff time in the second game 3:15 minutes after the first game coverage starts? Solutions are there if both sides want them. Right now, I don't get the sense that the league or TSN gives a hoot...

On Friday, they switched golf to TSN2 when it was running late to show the BC/Toronto game.

I don't know why we complain about TSN. Does anyone else remember when CBC had exclusive rights in the early 90s? They didn't broadcast a game until Labour Day and then they would show maybe 2 games a week.

Also, don't forget about all the blackouts we used to have.

We have it great now. Are the double headers too close together? Yeah, maybe. They should really hold the kickoff of the second game back until the first one is over but really, we have nothing to complain about.

Agree Alan. And as I've said, NFL games often immediately after the game is finished, it goes to local news in Buffalo, Erie, Detroit wherever. I've got no complaints about TSN.

Thank god source cable finally got TSN2 and TSN2 HD!!

One or the other will be moved to tsn 2.. maybe golf or maybe cfl (its the final round for golf so i dont know if it will get preference)

As much as i hate exclusive contracts, I really cant complain about tsn's coverage. With the TSN2 channel, you know regardless you will see every single cfl game. Yea sometimes it may start a little later but oh well.

CBC sucked, they didnt even show all of the games (or even MOST games) when they had the exclusive rights. Yea it was nice to pick up the game in a tent with rabbit ears but big freakin deal.

They keep the doubleheaders close together just incase the first game finishes quickly.. then what are they going to do in between? This stuff has to be planned they cant just say 'oh its finishing early lets do a sportscentre, or we'll make the panel talk for half an hour'

And keeping them close together improves the chances of someone that watched the first game not flipping the channel before the second game comes on.

There are reasons for these things, monkeys arent running the station.

All of canada's sports stations are junk. Hmmm i can watch freakin horse racing on the score or i can flip to sportsnet and watch a bunch of clowns yammer on about something on a show that feels like it was planned by my 14 year old papergirl.