Rain be Damned...there will be a Canada Day Tailgate.


A wise man once told me there is NOT bad weather, just bad preparation for it.

There will be tailgating in Lot J today. Many of the tailgating community will be bringing
various forms of shelter and other forms of defence against the elements.

Come ready, ponchos, waterproof footwear and an understanding that hey you may get a little wet.

Come rain, or wind, or downpour, CFL fans will not be denied their Celebration of our fine nation's birth and of Canadian Football!

HAPPY CANADA DAY Tigertown...we've got a great country and great people in it!
Here's to you!

Thats the spirit, Jare!! Kick those rain clouds ass. :slight_smile:

As a fellow fan I have always found the attitude you bring very inspiring.

Funny thing about it Jare....40% chance of rain for the day, means 60% chance of no rain. :wink:

We will see you at the tailgate.

My own front yard tailgate party will be open @ 2:30 pm... anyone feel like poppin in, is more then welcome. I'm on Prospect St S. just across the street from the park!