railings in THF 113

Someone told me that there were no railings at THF at the front of the front row sections like 113 to 118, except at the bottom of the stairs. Anyone know? I may be taking some small kids to those seats. If there are railings, would they block a kid's view?

Hey Spike - I blew up one of my pictures that shows the front of one of those sections in the background - and there is no rail. It is about an adult's hip height tall wall as you can see in this picture. (It's a bit blurry because of how much I blew this up.)


I am curious when you say "you may be taking some small kids to those seats" have you bought tickets already? because I bought seats in section 117 and there is nothing available right now in any of them sections 113 to 118 in row 1 or 2

Thanks TravelPatB. slimjim: sorry, I forgot to say it is for the soccer.

I had season tickets last year in section 119 row 1. I brought both my sons last year that were 7 and 10. They never complained that they couldn't see the game. You kids should be fine seeing from those seats


There actually is a rail. It is just covered up with that Ticats banner that stretches the whole width of the stadium.

Drat! The dreaded hidden rail trick fools me again! lol

Actually I’m sort of curious to see what the stadium ends up looking like for the Pan Am soccer games. (I’ve got tickets to a couple of preliminary games and the sold out Men’s Gold medal final). I wonder what the banners covering the walls will look like and also what all the CIBC signage to hide the Tim Hortons Field name will look like - since during the games it won’t be Tim Horton’s Field - it will be the CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Stadium. I’m assuming since they’ve got almost an entire month to prepare the stadium they’ve got lots of time to do lots of decorating and cover up any indications that it is the Ti-Cats home and and Tim Hortons Field signage.

(Much like for Rugby at BMO Field - it won’t be called BMO Field but in a flashback sort of way - it will be called Exhibition Stadium (at CIBC Pan Am Park) - which is what the entire Exhibition grounds will be called during the games.