Raiders to play preseason game at Mosaic?????

Has anyone heard anything about the Justin Dunk comment that the Raiders might play a preseason game at Mosaic in Regina in August? Dunk say the opponent might be the Packers. How easy would it be to reconfigure the field to NFL size? How easy to move the goal posts (only required at one end). I suppose any field markings could be painted on. What would the expected prices of tickets be? Would it be a sell out at 33K fans? Thoughts?

This would be a definite sellout

Tis being negotiated with the city

The Raiders have no home until Vegas is done. The Coliseum rent was 925k last year and they want 3.5 mil for them to play there this year. It’s been said they will already be playing in London and/or Mexico. They may very well play many games as a travelling home team as it is probably cheaper. The window they are looking at in Regina has the field open for a >3 week window to make things happen.

only one upright needs to be moved…which I would be surprised if there are not provisions for IFAF events.

Ya the Raiders are dead in the water in Oakland. They are the last team in pro football on either side of the boarder still playing in that 60s & Early 70s brainstorm (Oakland Collisium) of the cookie cutter baseball / football stadiums. Like the Big O. Candlestick to name a few.
Its falling apart old & terrible for football. and A football stadium in oakland aint ever coming.

I gota think Mosaic has the ability to change the the yard line cinfiguration & move the goal posts. As they did put in a bid to host FIFA Mens WC for games wen it is tri hoasted in Canada , US, & Mexico. Where were they would have to put in Temp natural grass.
So if the NFL is still beating the London Dead Horse. With crazy times for the states to watch. Heck they have even been in Japan.
Also if there gona head to Mexico where at least it is part of US standard NFL game times.
Why Not Canada & Especially Sask where Football is popular. & its much closer to many more NFL northern cities.
Building a First class stadium. Will put you on the docket for many different events.

…do it! This would be a hoot!

With direct flights to Vegas by Canadians I can see that team being the most popular in Canada in no time .

Remember going to Vegas last time and seeing Riders fans wearing their gear in the airport .

It’s a natural fit if they play at Mosaic . Unlike other markets I don’t see it harming the CFL at all .

I don’t think there are any issues putting an NFL field dimensions inside a CFL field. It is artificial grass as well.

I think it would be fun, but have a feeling that the tickets are going to be pretty pricey, especially since the game would probably be mostly players that will not see the field for most of the season. Of course if they manage to get the last exhibition game, then you would see some starters.

For Regina, it would be nice to have the Bears, as it would included former UofR Ram Akiem Hicks.

…way to go Rod

Raiders seem to have gotten an Oakland contract:

Regina more than likely the location for the preseason game:

Arguably the most boring and worst football game I ever attended was an NFL preseason game in Vancouver with San Fran and Seattle about 15-16 years ago. Just horrible and expensive too.

Yea. Oaklan & the Raiders extended there current contract under the same terms for 2019 season as they await Vegas new stadium scheduled for 2020

Im glad to here someone else thinking about IFAF events in Canada.
The Commishes plan of canadian players in other countries is 2 decades away.
But the parternships he has created would be much more efficient to bring those Countries to Canada to play with their National teams

Ignored this thread for a long time because I wasn’t excited by a thread about the RIDERS playing in their home stadium. ?

I was a Raider season ticket holder for several seasons, but I eventually gave up on the Al/Mark Davis clown show. What a horrible franchise. They negotiated in bad faith with the City of Oakland, while double-dealing with the City of Las Vegas. They deserve nobody’s support IMHO. I hope they never win another game.

Good for Regina. I guess. A Raider preseason game will remind them of why they like the CFL so much.


Seems like a pretty simple thing to push through in a year or so.