Raiders interested in Trestman

I just saw this on TSN. Personally, I think Trestman would be an idiot to go join the Raiders. The Als provide him with more stability. Senile Al would fire him mid-season when they fail to win more than two games... :roll:

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Everybody knows Al is losing it, but the Raiders did improve late in the season. So it will make it a little easier to find somebody. I hope Trestman stays where he is for another year at least, but he would be good for the Raiders. Unfortunately, he would probably be fired after two years tops. Still, it would raise his coaching stock because most people understand that weird Al has become something of a nutjob who can't decide what kind of coach he wants. If he hired Trestman and gave him a five year mandate I would be all for it, but that's not gonna happen.

I think the winless Detroit Lions have a more enticing head coaching position. Oakland is such a terrible franchise.

^ How the mighty have fallen.

With the Raiders he’d still be at the bottom of the AFC West. Placing ahead of KC doesn’t mean crap. With the Als, he stands a good chance at making another appearance in the Grey Cup. If it were me, the choice would be pretty obvious…

....lets see .......senility vs. stability....Trestman, stay where you are..... :wink:

To make things worse he's been interviewed as a coordinator. We need the recession in the US to get worse :slight_smile:

He'd make way more money in half a season as a coordinator in the NFL or even in the NCAA than he would as a head coach up here. I'd like to see him stay because he's fresh meat in the revolving door of CFL coaches but money talks and he'd open up alot more opportunities by goin to the NFL.

Somewhere in Montreal, Jim Popp is blowing the dust off his clipboard, and picking the lint out of his whistle.....

God forbid................

I’d expect the players to revolt if that happened…

From the ALs section

Well, that’s good news for the Als. Ordinarilly, I’d wish the guy good luck, like Austin with the NCAA. But you don’t want to go to the Raiders. That’s a downgrade. :lol:

Unless you’re a psychoanalyst.

Hey ! Bite your tonguet or I'll start all over with the beer can posts LOL!

Its the NFL's fault. Drug policy way too strict. In some cases Psychotrops can accomplish wonderful things.

True but you don't get away with working six months a year and get to enrich your's and your familie's life living in Montreal for six months. Or going to the big game almost every year. The only way to be successful as a coach in the NFL is to live and breathe football 24/7 year round.

Anyway it appears that untill the Raiders talk to Bob Wettenhaul "There is nothing going on"... and Davis dosen't like to sign big cheques...

I agree, why would he want to go work for that nut bar Davis?

Hopefully he stays in Montreal.

Not to mention that the Oakland Coliseum, especially during baseball season when the Raiders share it with the A's, is a pretty crappy stadium by NFL standards, with nearly half the field covered by dirt. Even the scoreboard looks like it's twenty years old.

Every year we hope the A's miss the playoffs so we can watch football on a REAL field. :stuck_out_tongue:

My feeling is that Tom Cable will be back for another half season. At which point Al Davis will replace him with somebody else. Trestman will stay put for now.