Raiders exploring move to Las Vegas

This story is not necessarily new and it's somewhat discussed in the LA progress thread

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However things are starting to get serious as the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Comitee gives a formal recommendation to the governor to approve 750 million via a hotel tax increase towards a new stadium to bring the Raiders over from Oakland.

Governor Sandoval will look it over but no timeline on a vote.

One step closer mightygoose - still a long way to go though.

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I think the NFL in Vegas makes more sense in Vegas than the NHL does, but that's just me.

Investment group looking to buy the Coliseum and it's site to try and keep the Raiders in Oakland ?

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How would this group be able to fund a stadium never mind the development for a return on their investment, plus offering the Raiders a sweet deal to play there?

Then there is still the A's to figure out.

I have a feeling thier plan is to buy equity in the Raiders which Mr. Davis has no interest in selling. This looks like smoke and mirrors to me but time will tell.

The ball is in Nevada Governor Sandoval's court in this saga.

Seeing the support the Blue Jays get, you have to think if there was a true interest in the GTA area for the NFL to build a stadium and ownership group, it would be a slam dunk to move the Raiders to the GTA. I mean GTA or Oakland? Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the NFL would like on that one.

With the total failure of the Bills series and the bandwagon support the Blue Jays get, I'd take Oakland in a heart beat.

Please quit beating that long dead horse.

The next shoe is about to drop.

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Governor Sandoval says there should be a special vote in the legislature. Aiming for no earlier than October 7 and no later than October 13.

Needs 2/3 approval. If it passes then I think Raiders to Vegas is just a mere formality.

Edit: Adding link with Sandoval's statement

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Raider fans don't care where they play. Oakland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Diego; it is all the same to them. All those cities are one hour flights on Southwest Airlines.

deerkeeper, you do have a point about bandwagon Blue Jays fans but there are a lot of them out there, that's for sure, when times look good. Maybe the Raiders will be Vegas afterall, interesting.

From The Field of Schemes:

If it seems incredible to you that Nevada is on the verge of approving the largest NFL stadium subsidy in history to benefit a billionaire developer and the owner of a team that hasn’t had a winning record in 14 years, yeah, me too. At this point, I’m mostly curious to see whether the legislature spends any time at all debating the niceties of a stadium lease — who would pay for future maintenance, operations, and upgrade costs, and would Mark Davis be able to get out of his lease and move again (or threaten to) anytime soon? Not holding my breath given how the political discourse has gone so far, but there’s always hope.
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Looks like businesses is about to pick up.

Governor Sandoval calls for a specific session of the legislature on October 10 to approve the funding for the new stadium.

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Meanwhile in Oakland....Ronnie Lott's your team's call to answer next.

First key vote passes 16 - 5

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Now off to the Assembly which reconvenes on Thursday.

State Assembly approves bill 28-13 for 750 million to fund stadium to hope to lure the Raiders.

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Bill had amendments so needs to go back to the Senate for final approval.

NFL owners meet on October 18 and 19 and I'm sure Vegas is at the top of the agenda.

Folks in Oakland....your turn

Cracks in the Raiders to Vegas deal?

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Adelson and Davis seem to have trouble getting a deal done between them. Adelson seems to want control of the stadium revenue or a stake on ownership to justify his 650 million investment.

Mark Davis already gloating about the move and burning bridges in Oakland. What kind of leverage does he have? Deal falls apart and he's forced back into Oakland. Even if the Ronnie Lott group is successful in a stadium deal, they'll want a piece of the team and the lion's share of stadium and related revenues too.

It may be soon checkmate for Mr. Davis.

I guess I'm the only one interested in this story here :lol:

Davis has handled this very poorly, but an NFL owner always has leverage. I'm sure if things fall apart with Las Vegas, then San Antonio will step back into the picture. San Antonio also has the advantage of having a stadium (Alamodome) that the Raiders could move into right away. Jerry Jones might not like it, nor might other NFL owners, but as Al Davis proved, in the end that doesn't matter much.

Framework reached between the city & county with the development group lead by Ronnie Lott

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County meeting in closed door session today and the city in closed door session on Nov 29 to see how it moves forward.

Now, if this group can reach a deal with the Raiders then they’ll really be cooking with gas. There’s the real trick.

Cracks is right. There is no way 24 NFL owners will approve a billionaire casino mogul and one of the top five richest men in the US, who also has dominant control of the local media in Las Vegas, also with an actual ownership stake in an NFL team. I don't see that happening even if Adelson were to give up lucrative NFL betting altogether in his sports books in Las Vegas.

The prospect of a casino mogul having a stake in ownership of the stadium revenue will be challenging enough to the other NFL others, but that's as far as I think they would even consider.

And so indeed you are correct that the sharks elsewhere are also swimming around Mark Davis.

Thanks for starting this thread Mighty Goose.

I agree here though San Antonio opens up in my opinion only if the Chargers were for some reason to not go to Los Angeles by letting their option to do so expire on January 15, 2017 if I recall correctly its expiration date.

The Raiders would rush back to Los Angeles if the Chargers do not exercise their option.

Details emerge from Oakland on their efforts to keep the Raiders from their closed session today

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600 million from the Ronnie Lott group
200 million in public money for infrastructure improvements
200 million from the NFL
300 million from the Raiders

Colosseim site to be leased to the group. Public money to be paid back from Stadium and other development revenues. A vote to approve could happen on December 7...right before the next NFL owners meetings....convenient.

The big part of the picture....the Raiders themselves. What's in it for them? 200 million less for their contribution compared to Vegas, plus no relocation fee to pay.

However, what is their share of stadium and development revenues? Is there enough to go around between the city/county and the Raiders, in addition for the Ronnie Lott group to recoup their ROI?

Whatever happens, I don't see Davis getting a good deal anywhere so it comes down to weather the owners like the Ronnie Lott group or Adelson better.

City and County approve the term sheet on the Coliseum development giving the Ronnie Lott group negotiation rights with the Raiders. County approved 3-1-1 and City approved 7-0-1.

How does the Raiders and the NFL respond? So far according to league's stadium and relocation spokesperson, Eric Grubman, this doesn't seem to move the needle much.

Grubman commented to USA Today Tuesday that he feels the Ronnie Lott investment team's proposal is a "carbon copy" of past proposals by Oakland that have failed and that "problems are likely to ensue
Ronnie Lott responded, saying he had not seen Grubman's comment, but bristled at the idea that Grubman would question Lott's reputation or criticize the plan without knowing all the details.
The jabbing begins. NFL owners meet in Dallas today and tomorrow. Get the popcorn ready!

The Raiders to Vegas - I guess that rules out any chance of the CFL getting a team back there.