Rahim Abdullah

i don't know very much about the guy, but i do know he was a pretty good player, and i know about the knee in the head. was that his first offence? if it wasn't, i think the cats should bring him in for a look because everyone deserves a second chance. just remember i said i don't know very much about the guy.

He is a good player but sometimes does selfish things that hurt his team. Like taking dumb penalties. A good team guy, good player and getting long on the tooth.

Yes I agree bring him in for a second and last chance, on a very short leash.

He is Too much like another head Case in Toronto Belli.

i hope taman gives this guy a look if canada bolts

Some team might take a look at him, but at 31, having been released outright by two teams in one year, with nobody else picking him up makes one think he might be done. More importantly, I doubt he is good enough to make the Hamilton team anyway. Interestingly enough, Abdullah was released by Edmonton the same day Charlton Keith signed with Hamilton...