Rahim Abdullah

i don't know very much about the guy, but i do know he was a pretty good player, and i know about the knee in the head. was that his first offence? if it wasn't, i think we should bring him in for a look because everyone deserves a second chance. just remember i said i don't know very much about the guy.

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I said this last year during F/A in Feb.

8) Abdullah is a waste of time completely !!! He's a headcase !!!!!

After watching him last year I agree with you. I reposted for the fact of is was mentioned last year & no interest was given. He was the best of what DL there was last year on F/A list.

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He has just signed with Grand Rapids of the AFL, so his availability is going to be in question re a full CFL season. My guess is to pass on him.

Oski Wee Wee,

Totally agree, this is the way to go. Either Canada or see if Obie can have lightning strike twice and land a Cameron Wake clone.

Obie's looking for team speed so Tom Canada is out.

(massdestruction) Obie's looking for team speed so Tom Canada is out.
There are exceptions to every scenerio. If Tom Canada remains available, he is extremely talented and plays hard nosed football, I'd love to see him in black and gold.

Also, regarding your inference to his lack of speed,I would suggest that he is credited with a high number of sacks and tackles, possibly because he has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Why would we need another defensive end? We already have McKay-Loescher and Keith and they are both good players. Let's work on filling areas of need like DT, WR and DB.