Rahim Abdullah is Cut after Friday's Loss.

Does that mean you are going to give larrysmiles a big hug?

Actually I agree, I feel for the fans like Supertoe, Chief, esks123 to name a few…

You bet I would take Larry out for coffee and a donut but he will have to buy.

s is the case most of the time, coaches get too much credit for winning, and take too much blame for losing.
Some people are saying that the Eskimos have too much talent to be this bad, so it must be the coaches fault.
Well first, if the talent is there, then obviously some of the blame lies at their feet, does it not?
But frankly, I don't understand where people see all this talent?
The defnce has likely played better than I would have expected this year.
The offence hasn't been quite up to snuff, but losing Tucker and now with 2 top notch o-linemen done for the year, you are in tough.
The o-line was a strenght on the team at the start of the year, but not anymore.
Your receiving corp is ordinary, you have no running back(maybe that was a coaching error for cutting Davis, but I didn't hear to many 'Smoe fans complaining at the time).
Your defence is almost entirely new and so expectations should have been very, very low.

I think that if the Esks get to 6-12, or 7-11 this year, they will be a better team in the future for all the changes than they were last year.
And that is what rebuilding is all about.

Anyway, the Esks have only fired one coach mid season in their entire history.
I am not a big believer in that process to begin with--it is a panic move, never a good one--but I don't forsee the second one going down.
Of course if they lose 10 in a row, anything can happen.

Either way, I am enjoying all the second guessing and navel gazing in The City of Mushrooms.
Looks god on yah!!

Yet another long winded post by my fellow Rider fan Arius!:lol:

If the issue is that the team just isn’t very good, then Maciocia has to take the blame. He’s in charge of evaluating talent.


At the end of the day, he may take the fall.
But right now…this moment…if the talent isn’t there, is it truly poor coaching that is the problem?

redwhite2005 wrote:
Yes Danny plays fiddle as Edmonton burns!

Too funny LoL,lmao.

Now that is the best post you have ever made there Arius. I like that one.

No, you’re right, if the talent isn’t there, coaching isn’t the main issue. But Danny is responsible for fielding this team. He’s the guy who assembled this group of players. He is very much accountable.

I disagree with Arius. We’ve got talent… defence aside since guys are going down faster than we can sign 'em… But out offence is fine. We’ve got one of the top QBs in the league leading us. Tucker is great, and we’ve got young guys coming up and improving: Acree and Nowacki and maybe Stamps… Ebell could be a great back… if the coaches would just learn to use him as one!!! Fleming is a quality veteran kicker. With proper coaching, these guys could be winning games right now. I think we all saw last week that it was the coaching when no one really made any halftime adjustments. Fire 'em all!

Judging what we through for the past 31 yrs, I would say make the changes at the end of the season. Sometimes its not for the best, however. We had Ron Lancaster as a coach, then Joe Faragalli, then Rueben Berry-- remember him? I know Rider fans do, he was hired by John Herrara, another great Rider GM. It seemed that the Leader-Post was more interested in his record collection than his skills as a GM. Berry went so far as to blame the slippier CFL football for his player's problems catching and holding onto the ball. We have had some god-awful GM's and coaches roll through here, the Eskimos should make sure that they take the time to find the right guy to replace Maciocia should they fire him.

I honestly hope that if we do fire Danny at the end of the season, we don't replace him with Champlaine. I think Wally should be credited more for B.C.'s success than him...