Rahim Abdullah is Cut after Friday's Loss.

CFL.ca just got this story up... Way to keep on top of things, guys. :lol:

well they do have Nautyn Mckay Loescher and he has 8 sacks (tied for second) despite missing 2 games

but i agree as a whole the ti-cats have no pass-rush

Hey…just threw out the only name you seem to have as a d-lineman.
He is younger than Abdullah, but not playing in a while …questionable.
However, I think DM’s response today confirms what I was saying.
Discipline was becoming a problem.
You can’t cut/fire everyone, so you make an example.
That knee to the back was flagrant. Cut!!
Last year, Antonio Warren misses one block. Cut!!
In Riderville, we keep hearing how the “new regime” will make everyone accountable.
I guess that is what they mean…

as a six year vet, his salary is guaranteed for the remainder of the year.
I think he is a free agent, and anyone can pick him up.
Then they can pay him.

Arius is right about the pay, and wrong
about anyone picking him up.

Danny has said anyone wanting him will have to
talk to him, In other words, he's been told to stay home but hasnt been released.

Abdullah is going to talk to the players association.

Unless they are wasting a roster spot, ie., on the 46 man, or the practice roster, he is a free agent.
And as far as I know, a player must agree to being on the practice roster and any team can in fact scoop said player.
I doubt Danny is right about this one. You can’t release a player AND retain his rights.

I do not know the media is saying he is released so that would mean he will not play for them yet again. They only account for his salary in the cap but do not have to pay him once he is released is what I have heard. The only way now is if he gets signed to another team in the CFL then the Eskies are off the hook of his salary in the cap.

This is so clearly a move to save face and cover the coaches' butts. Sure Abdullah took some very dumb penalties, but is he on his own the reason the Eskimos lost? I have lost a bit of respect for Maciocia after this cut. Talk about throwing your players under the bus.

Well a couple of more losses and the fans will be throwing him under the bus. I could see if Abdualh being a vet was not doing a good job. Yes he took a stupid penalty but look what Gass brings to the table. Dumb penalties, becomes a distraction to the point they do a lousy job at preperation for not only Labor day but the return match. If cubby wanted to kick but and take names should he not look at Gass who really guys su-cks in his position. Again I am elated that he was not suspended. :lol:

Agreed, for Abdullah to be cut for penalties is ridiculous when you consider Gass. And Gass was getting beaten every which way against Calgary. Bad attitude, bad performance, yet he still keeps his job. Abdullah is a good player, even if he takes bad penalties now and again. Something is wrong in Edmonton.

Knowing Abdulah he may have pointed his finger towards the head coach. Abdulah is better off now. :lol: :lol:

I actually think this was one of the better moves that Danny mas made this season.

You been drinkin’ again?
You almost made sense there…
And that might ruin your rep…

Personally, where he goes off the deep end is in presuming that Danny has made any sort of positive moves, or even in presuming that he makes any moves....

Maciosia is sending a message and its loud and clear but will it do anything for the team other then to create a situation where players just stop talking?

IMO Braidwood has been worst and has no stats to even back it up.

Its an approach that may work in College ball but really does nothing to fix problems with the exception of sending the message that Maciocia is Ruler and Emperor at least for now.

Yes Danny plays fiddle as Edmonton burns!

Marty York reports that Danny Machocia has been replaced as Head Coach by Adam Braidwood’s Dad. News @ 6:00pm! :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :lol: Sporty that :lol: :lol: would be an improvement!

Actually, I must apologise to the Eskie fans. I shouldn't bash their coaches! :? :? :?

Machocia is Coach of the year! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope Huey signs him to a 7 year contract. Machocia is the best thing to come along (For the 7 other CFL teams) in a long time. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Long Live Disco Danny! :wink: :wink: :wink:

NO can disco danny and let Gass run the coaching duties he is such a great player.
Kidding aside I feel for the fans of this great city.