Rahim Abdullah is Cut after Friday's Loss.

I read this on another site, and it has been confirmed. The Esks have Let go D-Lineman Rahim Abdullah tonight after their Loss.

What the heck are they doing? is no one seeing yet how stupid this move is?

This team is falling downhill faster than a Rock..

they're in shambles.

the ticats should pick him up, they have no pass-rush

Guess he won't be talking smack about Rob Murphy or Jason Jimenez anymore.


He wont be unsigned for long.

He's old and has a bad attitude. Wouldn't be surprised if he's unsigned the rest of the season.

They let him go? Are you shitting me? We've got coaches running this team into the ground and they let him go?

Not to mention we've got literally dozens of injuries on defence.

Holy sweet Christ... Does anyone know if Danny M. has a learning disability? If he does, maybe I could forgive him...

Maybe Issac Keyes is better?
Not much info on him anywhere.
Or someone else they might have in camp.
But possibly Abdullah was becoming a disciplinary problem.
A couple of penalties he took in that game were cheap and selfish.
Edmonton isn't nearly good enough to be able to take such penalties....

That almost sounded like I agree with RLR.
Can I take it back....?

Maybe a quick shower....

Well, they damn well better hope he's better because he hasn't done sh!t since his college days ohhh so long ago...

Keys joins the Esks after spending time as a linebacker in the NFL, most recently with the Arizona Cardinals. He played in three games for the Cardinals in 2004 and six games in 2005. He was a three-year starter at Morehouse College in Atlanta where he was a first team All-SIAC selection and led his team with 25 quarterback sacks in his final two seasons.
Maybe Rahim did take some stupid penalties... I was working pretty hard on the Heineken's in the second half... but I hardly think our defence is healthy enough or experienced enough to just start cutting guys...

Obviously the biggest problem with the Eskimo's that everyone seems to agree on, Eskimo fans and other CFL fans, is that the coaching on the team has been poor.

Which is exactly why we as fans should have seen this coming. What do poor coaches do? Blame the players.

They didn't release Rahim, only sent him home. He is still Esks property and he will still be paid for the remainder of the season, unless they can arrange a trade.

...the paper this morning used the term 'released', which means no play no pay...(why would you ground a player anyways, send him home with pay? Unless of course you are a Calgary receiver and it is four weeks ago)....

....sure KA had an attitude problem, its called 'frustration' at losing and is a cancer the EE coaches cannot seem to control now....but why they would release one of the EEs best defensive weapons right now (4S, 14T, 1FR) is ridiculous....

....if Alvin can't discipline a player except by sending him packing, you guys are in for a continued sh!t storm this year...

This is not a smart move at all by the Esks.. the revolving door at the Esk locker room in Commonwealth continues.. the Riders did that for years after the 1976 GC loss and look where it got them. Hugh needs to bite the bullet and hand both his kid and Danny M their walking papers.. or you can consider this team a "once proud" franchise. We Rider fans know all about chaos , we have had 31 yrs of it..and know all too well that airlifting players is not the way to rebuild a franchise.

the problem is with campbell calling blitz over and over and getting burned on it over and over, yet he keeps calling it.


Well suprise susprise! The panic button has finally been pushed. Abdullah was one of their leading tacklers and the real problem Gass is still around. Campbell may have missed it but Gass is a joke back there. Thus I love the non suspension. The other problem that requires addressing not at the end of the season but now is the coaching. The little muffin man can no longer get this team going and it is apparent. He has no more excuses he put this team together this year. I feel for the eksimo fans they now have leadership that su-cks and along with it goes the team. Sorry guys but I hope it can be repaired but it needs to happen now not next year. By the way 16 more years of non play offs will beat the riders.

I think Abdulah is right with what he had to say:

"I feel like they are blaming me for the last two losses, and I think the blame needs to go on everybody," Abdullah said.

I don't think you could have said it any better. And the funny thing is, if he was released because he was a problem... why the hell is Gass still on the field? Yes, I stuck up for him before... But has an Eskimo player taken a more ridiculous penalty than his shot putting penalty? I doubt it. I defended him against people who said he was slipping because he honestly did step up his game after the suspension incident... but now it seems like he's slipping again. Now, I'm not saying the Eskimos should release him... just saying they better have a better excuse for releasing Rahim...

When we didnt sign him this yr i was really
frustrated, but after the fact Higgins and
Creehan made the right decision. We’ve gotten
younger, faster, and hungrier.

This quote from coach Mach says it all, “He is
loud, but he isnt a leader.”

His tendency to take bad penalties didnt help his cause.

The great spin doctor..Danny Mac..is using Abdullah as a scape goat! He was more effective than AJ Gaas...The coaching staff is looking in the wrong direction to identify the problems..they should try the Mirror!!!

The problem with the Eskies is their character players are not the guys that will gel the young guys together. Point being the stupid penalties are coming from veterans. Gass should have gone way before Abdulah. Abdulah makes tackles well the other guy lies on his back a lot.