Rahim Abdullah - DL (Signed with Calgary)

So how is that for a defensive line! Ithought this was a good move because this guy was always a pain to play against. Glad now he can be a pain for other QB’s. What are your thoughts?

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I think that Calgary is getting a lot of Tom Higgins players(supposedly guys that didn’t like him as a coach) back.Isn’t this the 2nd former eskimo to sign with the Stamps? the Stamps will be awesome on the defensive side of the ball and Rahim will just add to their prowess.The only thing that concerns me is the safety position. Surely Calgary isn’t content to go with Lawrence Deck as their safety are they? didn’t Calgary cut hiom once before? I’m assuming that they have another guy that can play safety as well.

Deck was let go by you know who. I really like Deck and I think he has the drive to work in this position. Denny Crehan will get the best out of Deck. Abdullah was not happy in Edmonton and not with tlast years coach other wise he would have been signed. I believe he liked playing for Higgens and thus he gets a chance to continue. He was a thron in our side when we played Edmonton so it is great he could be a thorn for someone elses QB. He will have to fit for Denny Crehan so we will see.

I am just wondering who will start on the D-Line now. I am assuming Calgary will play the 3-4 defense again. Guys they have competing for strating jobs include Demetrious Maxie, Napastuk, Chevrier, Garret Smith and Antwone Young along with Abdullah. YOung played really well last year, so their could be some interesting battl;es in training camp

It doesn’t matter who you have on your D-Line because no one can bust through Saskatchewan’s Offensive Line. O’Day, Andrew Greene, Rob Lazeo, Gene Makowsky…Those are a few of the guys that were the driving force behind the best rushing attack in the CFL last season and soon to be this season.

Ya that is why you guys lost to the Stamps in the first game

I would not talk about last season when you can count your wins on one hand.

The only accomplishment the Stamps had last season was not letting Pringle break the CFL All-Time rushing record in that one game which truthfully isn’t even much to brag about, but they way you’re defence acted it was as if they just stopped a 3rd and goal to win the Grey Cup. But I guess it was something to get excited about amidst all the losses and dissapointment.

Well again I will say it again for you! The past three years your medicore team has made it into the playoffs on the Stamps expense. No problem it will not happen again. Your 9 & 9 team which did not improve over the off season will be at 6 & 12 this year. And I would not bang on your chest to much. The Riders have yet to go to the big game in 15 years. I guess Roy will have to add 15 years to his 3 year plan. :lol:

Again your riders lost the first game and gee I think Nealon played that game! ha ha ha haha

yeah for the first 3 plays

Actually I was wrong Nealon did not play in the game Calgary won sorry for the lack of memory. Rocky went the whole way. Nealon was hurt in the game before.
But again this will not happen this year.

I don’t see how you can sit here and tell me that the Riders haven’t improved over the offseason. Have you been to the practices? The offseason workouts? Talked to coaches? Been in the meetings? I know it doesn’t really look like we’ve done a lot from far away, but when you get closer you can see that new defensive schemes, offensive plays will be added, players have been working hard, like all CFL athletes do in the offseason. Bottom line is you can’t say a team hasn’t improved until you see them play.

Yes, Jeremy you are correct I do not know in that regard. But as far as adding new players to compete with your 9 and 9 players is what I meant. And yes until they play we do not know. Again If the Sask fans are happy being medicore then that is fine with me. I am giving you another prospective from a different city. You seem very agitated why are you not secure. I am just saying compared to other teams adding players on a daily basis to improve their teams I have not seen this with the Riders. To me they may need to improve in certain areas. If not fine no problem but if the team ends up again on the short end then point your figure at the guy that manages your team not at another fan.

No offense intended but maybe I’m having a brain cramp at the moment. Who else has Tom Higgins signed in Calgary that played for Edmonton last year. Abdullah is huge, young and talented. He should help towards replacing Joe Fleming for you guys, although to be honest he really didn’t have the kind of breakout season last year that I think the coaching staff was looking for. You may say he was a thorn, but most people up here would agree that we really didn’t have the pass rush that we needed last year. One other thing about Abdullah. He has a bad heart. That’s why he missed the entire season the year before. I know that he controlled it last year with medication so hopefully he will rebound this year, just not when your’e playin the Eskimos though.


I think the other Eskimo is Randy Chevier who also plays D-Line

Thanks I forgot him. But again that is only two!

Calgary’s D-line is stacked now!! Chevrier(who I thought was an O-lineman actually), Abdullah, Demetrious Maxie, Sheldon Napastiuk(who was awesome last year), and Antwoin Young. So much depth!

Stampers7 the post was that we were getting to many Higgens players from the eskies and we now know of only two so where is there more? And yes the dline is better and with depth.

Riders have a pretty damn good D-line themselves:

David Benefield, Nate Davis, Scott Shultz, and Tavares Jurnieack. Good luck stopping them.