Rah Rah Rakeem

I'm really impressed with him too. Sure, he's throwing interceptions, but he is moving the ball impressively for a 23-year-old rookie being coached by a rookie CFL OC who does unaccountable things like abandon the run even when it's working.

Can you imagine what Huf or Milanovich could do with a kid like Cato ?!

I know. It's depressing.

I for one am ready to see what the other guys can do.

Cato is a good young QB but he hasn’t been getting it done as of late. Blame the OC and the HC all you want but the kid hasn’t been performing as well.

I think if he struggles in the first half of the BC game you go to bridges or marsh. If bridges or marsh win they start the next game.

Win and you’re in.

You admit the problem is elsewhere but you want to muddy things up more by replacing the QB with a guy who hasn't played in over two years and another who can't even move the ball one yard a couple times a game. I disagree with you. Its only going to create more confusion and more anger.

No wonder it takes years for dysfunctional organizations to return back to competency. One element makes the other look bad, and it keeps spreading until you can’t tell right from wrong. At the last game, some fans were screaming for Tanner to replace Cato. I wonder how long the coaches will resist the urge to to sacrifice the future for the sake of the present and try to appease the fans. If that happens to Cato, one can imagine he’ll be looking for greener pastures. And when we rebuild next year, we’ll be once again looking for a QB. And another year down the toilet.

How long did it take for the Bombers to snap out of being a losing team? They’re still not there. Tough road ahead for the Als.

[i]Don't blame Cato, No Quarterback could have performed in the game against Edmonton with Schonert's limp dick play calling. NONE. Not Calvillo, not even Flutie. When the OC can't get his plays in on time, and the defence crashes through the backfield as soon as the ball is snapped, no QB can perform.

As for the fans in the stands screaming for Cato to be pulled for Marsh; they are A-Holes who know nothing about football. They go to games to be seen, or to get drunk and complain. F*ck them! But, every team needs to let them in to get their ticket money. [/i]

If Rakeem Cato cannot withstand being replaced when he is struggling for one or two quarters, then he isn't the QB of the future, he's a mentally fragile individual. Fortunately the young man seems to have more character than many of you think he has, so I don't think that would be a concern. :lol:

Because at this point, he has had one really good game, a couple of so so games, and one horrid game. I don't think that calls for anointing him the chosen one and handing him the number one job for the rest to the season. He's a rookie, and he hasn't earned the spot outright yet. If every game was like his first one, sure, run with him, but it hasn't. he has struggled as of late. Let the QB spot be a competition and let all the young QBs push each other for the number 1 job.

Because right now the Als are doing what they did with Calvillo, running with one guy for better or for worst without seeing what else they have in their backups and that my friends is why there hasn't been a competent QB since Calvillo retired.

This team isn't going anywhere this season if we are honest with ourselves, so the Als might as well use this time as a auditioning process to see what they have in the system. If Bridges or Marsh suck, well, at least we know and we can go back to Cato. If they don't, we can start to asses the strengths and weaknesses of the young QBs we have and see what we can do going forward.

Last year, Crompton came in and kept winning, so much so that we made the playoffs after a disastrous start of the season. This wouldn't have happened if Troy Smith didn't get injured. This year, our number 1 and number 2 QBs went down in the same game, and without that we would never be getting a chance to look at Cato now. This is foolish. It shouldn't take a injury to your QBs to see what you have in your other ones. There should be ample time during the season to rotate them in and out of the lineup to see what you have in the cupboard.

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Ah grow a pair and stop being a little bich!

I could go into a long answer but I’ll quote Dunnigan. “The only way to learn the QB position in the CFL is to play”

If you think he’s going to get better by taking “mental reps” or taking a back seat, you are naive. In 100 percent of cases a QB who does not play regresses. Look at Tate, DeMarco, Lulay,Nichols,McPherson.

But hey if the team wants to kill the only thing giving fans hope for the future…

I say again, how is missing a quarter or two going to make Cato regress?

Also, should we not be concerned that our other QBs aren't getting a chance to play, thus at risk for regression?

Maybe Als Pal has a point. The team is last in TDs, passing TDS, first downs 127 ,passes completed 129, second from last in points scored 142, Cato threw 2 interceptions from the red zone last week..
Toronto Star, Sports.
One has to question a QBs functioning with these stats. I also read somewhere that the fans at McGill were booing him and calling for Marsh to step in. At DL, I recall Matte being shoved around buy the opposing lineman
Personally, we really have a breakdown in our offensive play. The QB is not protected from the rush, Gugiere cant hang on to a ball thrown in his hands. Cato has trouble making his reeds, we have acquired two over the hill receivers in Lewis and Stamps and, our offensive coaches are not functioning well.Parker and Brown have been playing 6/7 years and have now likely run their course. They have been great defenders but for this season, when defenders cannot cannot push / grab etc. their play has notably diminished.At the DL, I have seen Matte get pushed around by opposition lineman.
Finally the OC functioning is poor and the HC is not up to the job. Popps last big finds for the team were Brown and Parker several years ago. I think Cato has promise but, he requires other teammates to better fulfill their responsibilities.

Cato needs to keep playing to progress. He has to continue to see and deal with the different coverages being thrown at him. Plus he has had the burden of Schonert`s poor play calling.

What we will probably see is Marsh coming in for a series or 2 with his own package.

Cato is NOT THE PROBLEM. If you read between the lines of his press quotes he's saying, hey, I'm doing the best I can with what I can control. No quarterback would look good in this gong show of an offence. Remember 2013 when Miller was OC? Calvillo looked awful and the offence couldn't do a thing. It had nothing to do with who was behind center, just like it doesn't today.

Cato is the best QB we've had on this team since Calvillo, by a country mile, and with a competent OC, he would be thriving.

If Cato is the best QB the als have by a country mile then a open competition at the QB spot should be a cakewalk for him right?

But if marsh or bridges walks in and lights it up, can you argue against going with the hot hand? Because for all the potential Cato has, he's anything but hot right now.

He's not hot because the he has no protection, the play calling is stale and predictable, and the plays are coming in late.

But maybe Marsh can do better in these circumstances, you have a point.

And then when Marsh eventually falters, the Als can write him off too and bring in the next bungee QB.

Pulling a QB is a mark of non confidence plain and simple as explained by Marc Trestman. Should only be done in EXTREME circumstances.

When your star tackle comes back to the sideline and stick the balls in the OC's chest and says "Run the Fruckin ball!". You really should not trust that OC to tell you who is a competent CFL QB.

Schonert says watch the game again. Our guys are open, its such a cop out IMO. Cato came in against Calgary and trusted his instincts, now he has no idea what he's supposed to do. ONLY TWO WEEKS AGO THEY TOLD HIM TO STAY IN THE POCKET LONGER AND LET THE PLAY DEVELOP. NOW HE DOES THAT, TAKES 8 SACKS AND SCHONERT SAYS WE HAVE GUYS OPEN, (Saying Cato is too slow making decisions).

Really it does not matter what Schonert is seeing on film, even if it was true (gross exageration) It is what Cato sees that is important. Cato's angle is much different than a camera 60 feet above the field.

Two more weeks and it will be clear to everybody that Schonert is in way over his head.

Agreed. Cato isn't the one calling the plays. It was that questionable play calling that cost the Als the win against the Eskimos