Rag on Chief

Pretty sure I made a topic in here last night, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, it was a dumb topic, and I was little (lot) drunk, so I give all Bombers fans permission to rag on me for trolling in your board. :oops:

Pigseye merged your topic into the "NEVER underestimate your opponnent...." thread. :lol:

I'm not going to rag on you now though Chief. I'll wait until after Esks-Als game to take any cheap shots. :wink:

That's just mean. :frowning: :lol:

....HEY CHIEF....i don't blame you for getting a 'little' drunk...I did the same after the argo game....I know how you felt after your esks. no-show against the leos.. We weren't supposed to lose to the boatmen....but there you go...anyone can beat anyone else on any given day....This IS the CFL.....THIS is our league :lol:

So what is the over-under on the number of drinks Chief had before jumping off the bridge after last night's disaster at Commonwealth?

........over the table......probably just a couple....after he went under the table....anyones guess..... what happened on the bridge... :roll:I'd say he chickened out as he is still strutting around here somewhere

Just as long as he didn't jump expecting the Eskie receiving corps would catch him.....

I heard he's gone streaking with Frank the Tank.


He was unexpectedly rescued at the last second by Jerald Brown and Etienne Boulay.

.......is that chief in the background, behind the Tank in the pic......seems like he got dressed and bailed out...... :roll:

..... :lol: :lol: :lol: ....you mean specifically Campbell and Stamps...OUCH :lol:

Gotta admit, that was pretty good. :lol: