Vanny radio says he's gone too

Is this true?


i hope not.

No mention of it on 900chml.com or the transactions page on this site.

K ... probably a mistake. They make them all the time ... even tho they are the Lions broadcaster


Weird 'cause it was not just a one-liner ... they talked about his UBC background

If it were true it wouldn't surprise me. Radlein is just not the player he was before he got hurt last year. He can't be counted on in short yardage run situations, and we all know how well our running game did with him as lead blocker this year. Plus, I can't tell you how many times I saw him drop passes out of the backfield.

This would not surprise me either...but I'd be a little more surprised if Julien was released prior to the announcement of a new HC! He, like so may others were not used properly or timely this year!

On a personal note...you will go a long way to find anyone more friendly as a football player, off the field!

Radlein very rarely did any sort of lead blocking this year. Most of the time he was skirted out to TE in a very misguided makeshift single-back formation.

…can anyone guess what Julian might have been making?


CH TV Sports at 6 0'clock...Ken Welsh saw this thread...called Julian..called Marcel....the rumour is not true..Julian has
another year left on his contract that was extended last year.

CH News just reported that both Julian Radlein AND Marcel Desjardins are stating that this is absolutely NOT TRUE and that Desjardins has said that Julian will be a part of the team next season.

Thank God for small mercies.

More from the idiots at 1040 starting rumours because they have nothing better to say.


I hope they announce their error .. but I doubt it

They probably heard we released a running back with the initials J.R. and just went with their gut.

(I'd like to say this is just one of my typical sarcastic posts, but unfortunately I think this is the actual explanation.)

Yep .... and they have corrected it .....

[i][b]Hey, Ritch

We corrected our update guy. He saw Josh Ranek on the wire, but wrote Radlein. Thanks for the heads-up.[/b][/i]

Oh Geez... when I saw this thread start I felt sick. Then I reminded myself it sounded just like a rumour, and I walked away taking deep breaths. I felt confident that a few wise posters on here would be able to figure it out, OR I'd soon find the truth written in some headlines on TSN or the CFL site. It was lovely to see the good news posted on here before I went to bed last night. I like the way Radlein plays. And I think when his knee is better, he'll play even better. And...he's so nice to the fans. What more could be asked of him?

Isn't it wonderful to know now that he WILL be back next year? Given all the changes we're told are going to happen, it's great to know we can look forward to Radlein coming back... a wise decision.

I wish Radlein the best of luck. I find him well spoken and an all around nice guy, but I think he should be cut. He's just not getting it done!