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Now we know why we drafted Giffen.
I remember his time on Tigervision, "I love food..", "I love to eat"

All the best!

Not a huge surprise.The end of his playing days, as a Tiger-Cat anyway, has been coming for awhile.

A solid role player and an unusually thoughtful athlete.

I am somewhat disappointed to see Julian Radlein retire. I know that the writing appeared to be on the wall for him to remain with the Cats but I think he has a lot of good years left. I always thought that he was an underutilized player but that whenever he was called upon for a short ground gain or a quick pass he usually came up with the yardage. I admired his power as a fullback and he had a decent pair of hands. Too bad.



One of the classiest players ever to put on the Black and Gold. I do not have one bad word to say about him.

Wonderful person, great role model and a player who gave his all every time he stepped on the field. He was a leader on and off the field. He will be missed by many.

He took the time to talk to my daughter about reading and that is something she has never forgotten.

Good luck Rads. I wish you had gotten the appreciation you deserved.

I knew his days with the Cats were numbered but why did he retire?

Does this have something to do with the personal reasons he left the team last year?

I never expected a retirement announcement. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Five years is a good career in the CFL, especially for a FB. He's been an honest soldier throughout--the consummate pro.

I wish him luck and success in whatever he does in the future.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barney, he just turned 27.

IMO, he's a decent Canadian fullback. I don't think this decision was made because nobody wanted his services.

Classy player but perhaps his recent knee injury is giving him problems, not fully healed, etc.

If so, best to retire while he can still walk on his own.


Good point....maybe the injuries had a lot to do with it.

At any rate, good luck Rads! Loved the way you played!

Radlein has his own business I believe and now he can completely concentrate on that.

Too bad. Wasn't utilized enough here the last few years. "Hard nosed" football player, I always liked what he brought. Hope he reconsiders and plays with a team out west.

Rad's will be missed

I'm sad but I wish him the absolute best in his professional and personal life.

Best success Rads in your new career.

Enjoyed your time with the Cats. All class.

... wish you had more wins to remember

Best wishes to Julian. One of the great people to have graced this league.


I wonder if players are discouraged from participating in the forums?
Flick is the only player that made himself be known.
Players must read the posts, I wish that they would participate at least a little.
I do wonder why a solid player would retire so young?

If he is going to concentrate on a business career he should post it on here. Give himself some well earned free pub.

Good luck Julian, I enjoyed watching you!

Class person and football player. :frowning:

This is unfortunate but not a shock as the writing seemed to be on the wall for him.
He had an excellant start in the CFL IMO. A good blocker and had some explosiveness as a ball carrier. On short yardage it seemed automatic he would get the first down or the towndown from the one. However after his knee injury he seemed to lose that first step that makes the difference. I also thought he looked much heavier the last few years which would slow him down as well.
I can think of at least a couple of former fullbacks (Bob Swift with Winnipeg and Jamie Taras with BC) who made the transition to OC when they had added a bit of weight and were both all stars with long careers in the CFL.
I thought Julian had the same potential but I guess we will never know. Good luck to him in his next endeavours.

Jamie was one of the classiest guys ever to wear the black and gold.

He'll be missed as much for his upbeat demeanor and his ability to light up an audience as he will for his ability to play the game.