Radlein or Holmes or Lumsden?

Much is being made--and rightly so--about the starting QB, however, other positions are also in question.
For example, I would like to see a starting backfield consisting of both Corey Holmes and Jesse Lumsden. Radlein has been given a free pass by everyone due to his blocking ability, however, FB's are also supposed to be ball carriers. He has never produced in this capacity.
Lumsden is big enough to block effectively. Lumsden and Holmes are both dangerous ball carriers and receivers.
My prediction--Holmes and Lumsden most of the time.

IIRC, Rads is used mostly in short-yardage situations, and as a tight-end. He may have never had over 100yds in a single season, yet he can be counted on to get the first down or TD on 1-2yd gains.

Actually, I don't think he has had much success on the short yardage compared to most FB's. We were stuffed quite often last year.

NEVER?? Julian is NOT a big catch kind of player, that doesn't mean he has "never" produced. When we're sitting on the goal line, Julian is the guy who can plow through the middle and get over that line. Fine, he fights the ball sometimes when he is in a receiver position, but when we need short yardage, whether for a td or not, he very VERY rarely fails to get that yardage. He has NOT been given a free pass, you just don't seem to appreciate what a player who isn't making big, flashy plays is doing.

I saw Julian knock the crap out of Barron Simpson twice in our game in Win. last year.

He can get the short yards most times.

Fullbacks will hardly ever rush the ball on ANY team. Think of a fullback as a small OLmen.

I appreciate it --- but he is not a quality FB. How many TD's does he have? He is not an offensive lineman--he is a ball carrier and he has NEVER produced as one.

Lumsden starts at RB, Radelein blocks for him, and Holmes plays offence "jack of all trades" (occasional RB, occasional slot, occasional KR). These three guys are all talented and it would be stupid not to have all three of them on the field at once.

Sorry to say Tommy but you really have no idea what you're saying.

Sorry to say Zenstate but if you would have either Holmes or Lumsden on the field for Radlein then it is you who has no idea....

I meant Holmes or Lumsden on the bench for Radlein…

Reason for that? Last years offensive line couldn't block against a bunch of 11 year old girl guides...due to injuries and a lack of cohesiveness...you can't expect anyone to run over his own offensive line and the other teams defense!


"jack of all trades" has been referred to as a scat back at times.

You can't have Holmes blocking for Lumsden and you can't have Lumsden blocking for Holmes. Radlein is the best blocking back on this team, and needs to be on the field in most running situations.

Lumsden can't block? He's too small?
Look at other teams and tell me who else employs a non-ball carrier in a ball-carrier position?

TommyBoy, you are absolutely entitled to your misguided opinion.


Name another fullback in the league without looking at a roster.

Then tell us which of them is better than Radlein.

Fullbacks are not regular ball-carriers in modern professional football.

Mike Sellers but that was a few years ago.

What bothers me about Radlein , he is always taken down by the first person that touches him.

My own opinion, but if the three of them are on the field together, the opposing MLB is going to be really, really busy trying to cover the potential of any of the three. That should make the Safety sort of tasked to cover RB's...and that should give all sorts of opportunities for the rest of the Offense...and I fully support JR as FB...good guy in the right position...

Let's get something clear here: Charlie Taaffe thinks outside the proverbial cardboard container when it comes to springing an elite scatback in the CFL.

In Montreal, Thomas Haskins would line up behind Pringle at HB, motion into the slot or go out on swing passes from the FB position, etc.

Holmes wil be on the field with Lumsden at the same time quite often, I expect. The liftoff points will vary with various sets and motions. There will be no Ranekcentric sit-downs for Corey in this year's offense.

As for fullbacks in recent CFL history, not everyone gets to put up Chris Szarka numbers...

[b]292 rushes for 1,163 yards and 19 touchdowns in an ELEVEN YEAR CAREER, okay? LMAO

25 carries a season.[/b]


Bruno Heppell barely EVER carried the ball. Duane Forde? Don't get me started. FBs are battering rams with grapefruits. It's in the M.O. of the position. Fantasy football denizens need not implore about FB stats. It's laughable.

Perennial Pro Bowler Lorenzo Neal should get Hall of Fame consideration in the States for his capacity to steamroller in his leadblocking alone. Ask LaDainian Tomlinson about Neal's value.

Lofty fullback production a la Jim Brown and Cookie Gilchrist may never happen again in this age of singleback sets and spread offences.

Ask anyone who plays against Julian Radlein if they enjoy facing him. There's your answer as to why he continues to be an important piece of the Ticat puzzle moving forward.

Oski Wee Wee,