Radlein Needs the Rock

Julien Radlein is a huge brightspot on the Ticats, but he certainly does not get the ball as much as he should. JR should be getting more swing passes and more carries, he punishes defensive players and is great fun to watch not to mention he has a tonne of heart. You're my boy JR, keep on truckin buddy!!

I second that!

We're having problems getting the ball to Flick and Holmes enough and you wanna give it to Radlein? Lets get the ball to our stars before we worry about the roll players.

I third that.. and have been saying this for ages!! :slight_smile:

This thread should have been LOCKED after Crash's comments ... cuz' the following won't be PRETTY ...

Give me a Fr-Eakin break !!

This request is tantamount to treating a sliver in your toe while you have bullet in your head !!!!



I agree we must focus on getting it to our stars assuming you intend Holmes to be a back, but if you know football and the CFL for that matter the run game is very important. The team should focus on getting the ball to our backfield stars more, such as Holmes but they must also mix it up with more to Radlein, Davis or even Kojo.

I have no idea what ur saying. Please put it into terms that we can understand. Without the silver or bullet stuff. Be Specific if you have an opinion.

Radlein suffers from the same bias against Canadian backs as Jeff Johnson suffers from here in TO. Both are excellent backs and could play prominent roles for their respective teams but the OC's just can't get beyond the fact that they are Canadians. At least Darren Flutie made a strong case for Johnson during last night's telecast. It seems that being a Canadian RB automatically labels you as the blocking back if you play at all.

An Argo fan

I respectfully disagree, Radlein is slower and cant do as much with the ball... in short yardage situations if our OLine actually shows they can push anyone off the line... give it to Julian, Other than that I feel we have way too many weapons we need to worry about like Ranek, Holmes, Flick, Ralph and Vaughn before we worry about how to get it to Radlein more.

Radlein definitely needs to be on the field more. I'm not so sure if we need him carrying the ball or getting more passes though. But our running game is much more effective with him in there as a lead blocker. Of course, that's assuming we try and run more than 6 times in a game.

Ok, but what i'm saying is have both Radlein and Holmes in the Backfield and Run a swing pass now and then, have radlein truck a few defenders then pitch it out for holmes. I'm just saying he does nothing but get positive yardage for the cats and they give him the ball once? it's wrong.

PC45 is right, we need him to take on more of a lead blocking role. I think more importantly though we need him to remain in the backfield to pick up the blitz.

All opposing teams have to do is blitz one player from the outside, or even stunt a quick defensive lineman, and we can do nothing to slow down the pass rush. Sure, the line needs to improve, but if they're being outnumbered on every rush, then there's nothing they can do to protect the quarterback. A blocker in the backfield would help significantly.

He is pretty mean in the flats when he catches a swing pass though, I definately agree with that.

what JR not one of our stars?

I like JR alot but a guy who has come into his own since training camp is Kojo.

Strong runner, the nags of his Broken leg are gone and he has really matured and gained confidence.

JR seems to have struggled many times up the gut in our short yardage situations this year. Many failed attempts

Why give the ball to a guy who usually only gains 1 yard.

Julian has no break away speed. It's also a waste of time throwing it to him out of the backfield.

A good blocker....but that's it!

I agree Radelin should get more touches, and should be in the backfield more than currently.

It seemed like the few times we were on offense on Friday, we usually had the same set. Eakin in the shotgun with Holmes on one side. The defense just keyed on Holmes and stopped his runs, or pressured Eakin if Holmes didn't get the ball. Very little deception with this look.

With another back in the backfield, who gets a few touches a game, who lead blocks, and/or blocks for the quarterback, are we not better off? At least you can shows some different looks to the defense, protect the QB, and possibly give the tailback some room to run.

If he knee is not 100% healthy, I believe that Aidoo is capable of doing the job. Radelin is maybe a better blocker, but I believe Aidoo is better running the ball.


The way i see it, Radlien is amazing at 1-3 yard plunges when the defense is EXPECTING a run, and setting up to foil that plunge.

Ranek is getting 2.5 per carry on random carries.

anyone think we might be wasting our time even giving the ball to ranek?

not saying i am, just curious as well why Rads doesn't get the ball at least once or twice a game in non-"one-yard-line" situations.