Radlein eager to 'get it done'

Ticat had a forgettable 2007
but says he's ready this time

January 30, 2008

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

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excerpt..."I love the game of football and I love
the Hamilton community," Radlein said this week,

adding he is eager to return to be a part of
the Hamilton turnaround which he feels
is just around the corner.

"I envision a lot of success.

I think we're going to have a nice balanced attack," said Radlein,

adding he already has established a "chemistry"
with tailbacks Jesse Lumsden and Terry Caulley.

More than anything Radlein wants to win for Hamilton.

"I'm a competitor. I may not be the fastest guy,
or the strongest guy or the biggest guy

but I'm going to get it done," he said.

Head coach Charlie Taaffe said earlier this month
he didn't know just how the Jamaican-born banger
will fit in with the Steeltown squad.

But surely the Tiger-Cats have to find more use
for a veteran Canadian on a club that featured

the most youthful contingent of Canuck starters
in the league.

The days of the dominant dreadlocks bruising upfield
with more than a few flare passes might not be over just yet.

I hope Radsis back but based on the actions of the coaching staff last year I'd say he'd be better off in an an organization that wants him

This is a tough one. If Radelin is healthy and can return to the form he had before he hurt his knee, I'd like to see get a contract extension. He was a great blocker and has the size to be able to get those short yards. If his health continues to be an issue, he could be good Canadian trade bait going forward.


did I miss something...that article said

"new offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille".

Did I miss some kind of announcement...when did that happen? I like Marcel's offensive style, if true I think this is a really good thing.

Likeability aside what role is Radlein supposed to play exactly?

Already stacked at RB and FB (with two CDNs no less).

Kenny's gushing didnt answer the question as to what was absent from Ham.'s offense last year that playing Radlein could have corrected?

I like Radlein, we should get rid of the other guys and keep him, Dickerson, Caulley and Lumsden. We should use Dickerson as a tight-end type of player in short yardage situations and maybe he could catch a few passes, and Jules can go back to full back.

Radlein had some Issues with a few Coaches last year

I am sure it been Iron Out by now.

Drop Dickenson.

We can use his import spot on Defence.

Play Radelin at fullback.

They didn't play Rads much but
they worked him hard at practices,
swinging him out of the backfield
on short passes to the sideline

and he did quite well reaching
and catching those passes.

His knees didn't seem as stiff
as they were two years ago.

His agility, though never great,
has improved a lot since the injury.

Give him some carries and a few passes

to motivate him and he will be
a solid veteran Canadian asset.

Let Marcel Desjardin's boy, Jeff Piercy,
back up and be a special teams player.