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I copied and pasted what chronicguy posted before, where we can listen online to games for all the teams and can quickly do a search under the topic radio to find this posting.

Thanks for the links. I had been looking for some of these stations to listen to the games. Again, thanks a lot

Glad to help! I know I was searching for them last night at the last minute.

Good work.

It's Too Bad Cause This Site Used To Have Links To All The Stations Up Untill Last Year. I Guess They Replaced It With The Live Play-By-Play, Which I Wasn't Very Impressed With.

yeah i also looked for the page that they used to have on the old CFL site, but i don't know if they replaced it with the play by play or just forgot to add it to the new site. Cuz they did have the play by play thing on the old site too.... in any case it's not on the site anymore so i figured a list would be handy for everyone. Thanks to Als Molson they are now listed in a couple of threads so they are easy for people to find :slight_smile:

Thanks Als Molson.....Good links!

Hey, I have an idea. The CFL should allow radio stations to buy a button in the Live Play-by-Play feature. If the station buys it, you can hear the game in that same window.

More money for the CFL, more exposure for the radio stations and more game experience for fans.

Thanks but it is Chronicguy who looked up all the links and deserves our thanks!

Sounds good to me! :wink: should have links to these websites. It would be a lot easier.

You're welcome... and thank you Als Molson for making a thread for them and making them more available to everyone else.

Also... if any moderators or administrators read this... is there any way we could have this thread made as a sticky so that everyone has quick and easy access to this info so they can tune in and listen to their favorite team.

please and thanks :slight_smile:

The riders link doesnt work......they remove it at game time. You have to be a subscriber to riderville if you want to catch the game on radio. Only team in the league that does it. It sucks, but they make cash off of it.

hmmmm.... thats new then... cuz i listened to their game last week on that station with no problem.... and there is no way in hell i'd pay to subscribe to riderville

I am just bring this up to the top for geo365


[url=][/url] will be doing a broadcast of the game with Toronto @ Edmonton if you guys want to use the bombers radio station to listen to the game instead of the others. Come on Toronto!