I had to listen to the first half on the radio. What a frustrating experience!!
Someone…anyone…tell the play by play guy that it is radio. I never had any idea where the ball was. Never had any idea how many yards a play went for.
I can’t count the number of times I was begging him to just mention in passing where the ball was.
I was shocked when I saw the replay of Banks’ td run. Of course I had no idea where they scrimmaged. Then he said Banks on an end around for a td. A “tiger town td” . But no mention as to how far he actually ran. I figured, from his intonation, that it was about 10 yards.
Whoever is in charge needs to replace this guy or explain to him that we can’t see the game.

Perc Allen he ain’t. ;D

I guess you could create a party game where you had to guess how many yards were gained and where the ball was scrimmaged.
Of course you’d have to go online to get the answers.

Tommy Boy has an excellent point . When we watch a televised game or listen to the radio we expect to hear an informative description of the play . Who caught the pass and who made the tackle ? These are the basics that seemed to have been replaced by “story telling” . I wish the mindless chatter would be left to the panel at the half .

Minimalists like a Pat Summerall and play by play guy Ray Scott of the Packers gave the viewer the basic information needed. It would be great if TSN aspired to reach the level of excellence shown by these NFL greats. Your viewers and listeners are not children to be entertained by stories . Just give us the facts and we’ll figure the rest of it out for ourselves.

I often wonder if “Suits” has compromising pictures of TSN executives . Meanwhile, don’t forget to vote Quimby! ;D

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

I used to love listening to the radio broadcasts because of the great description. What a shame.

You called it, disgraceful play by play, for sure. A least 5 times, after a play called disguised as blah, blah, blah, blah,________blah blah blah______blah, I had no idea of what just happened in the game.


Mike Morreale was entertaining though.

Coach Sal not part of the broadcast?

I listened to most of the Toronto game on the radio, have to say I didn’t mind it at all. But I don’t have anything to compare to, never listen to live games much.

When 1150 took over the calling I called and complained that I had no idea what was going on. Was a pass complete or not, where was the scrimmage line. Just the basics. Suggested that they close their eyes and listen to the tape. The Program Manager thought that would be a good idea. Also suggested getting some recordings of Perc Allen calls as a reference.

They do not listen or seem to care. On TV we get the same clowns and no changes no matter what the public says, and the same on the radio.

If changes are demanded with the sponsors something may get done.

I so loved listening (in my mind’s eye, watching) the game described by Perc Allen in the sixties and seventies. He used to “paint a picture” in the mind of his listeners. I could close my eyes and “see” the action. This was an important skill as maybe 5 or 6 Ticat games were televised in those days. What with the local blackout (we were covered by both games played at Civic/Ivor Wynne Stadium and CNE stadium due to the closeness of the two cities) Perc Allen’s descriptions of non televised local and even some non televised away games were very much appreciated skill. 8)

It seems he knows he’s not the best in the booth.

A tweet from Marshall Ferguson:

Watching back last nights game. Tommy Condell is better at his job than I’ll ever be at any job I ever have. #Ticats#CFL
4:49 AM - 29 Jun 2019

I do though, very much, appreciate his knowledge of the game and what he provides us fans through his daily programs on 1150, his regular tweets, and his contributions to

It’s funny, Ferguson about 3 weeks ago on his 1150 morning show, was complaining about how he hates when radio play by play guys cover a game like it’s a TV game and don’t describe the action properly. He said it was a huge pet peeve of his.

Likely I will hear from some who will tell me that Bob Bratina was the best Ticat play-by-play voice, best mayor, best MP, and best tamburica player the city of Hamilton has ever seen, but in my opinion, Bratina was none of these.
In the incredibly frustrating season of 2003, I couldn’t get out of a Saturday night social function until 10:00. I jumped into the car, tuned into the Cats broadcast, and tried to race home in time to see the end of the game on TV. I listened intently to the game for most of the 4th quarter, during which Bratina did not ever, even once announce the score or the time remaining - even just before or after the commercial breaks. Just as I pulled into my driveway, the game ended - without Bratina saying what the final score was! I could have waited and listened to the game stats, but I hustled inside, clicked on the remote just as TSN went to something else.
Again, this is just my opinion.
By the way, a tamburica in a Balkan type of mandolin which Bratina plays and maybe plays well. How would I know.

My wife and I were on our way to the game (had to attend a funeral beforehand) and were listening to the first quarter on the drive there. I said the exact same thing about the play by play.

I try to keep on top of who’s who, but with new names this season (like every season), there’s a few I’m still trying to remember. There were a couple times that even I couldn’t figure out who had the ball and where. I can’t imagine someone who’s listening in for the first time, or a semi-casual fan would even know what was going on.

Its been like that for a while. Try streaming it and you also have sporadic moments of audio cutting in and out and going from a whisper to a scream when commercials come on. It can get really bad. Streaming it is an adventure. Maybe they will fix that too or already have but I tried once this year and gave up.

i kinda like Marshall’s play by play


Younger posters (that’s close to all of you): Just go on to the next post.

Marshall Ferguson

I fell in love with the CFL in the mid 80s listening to the Eskimo play-by-play legend, Bryan Hall. He could paint a picture. You always knew what down it was, how many yards, where the ball carrier was etc. It’s an art but it’s not that complicated.

When was the last time you heard “A trap handoff to McDougall” ?

Ferguson is a bright young guy but I must confess that I listen to one game on the radio each year. That would be the pre-season away game not televised.

Pat Lynch (the old dude)